Mar. 10th, 2016

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Doesn't Care About Summer

I love this one. Okay, I love them all, but I want a gigantic 30×40 print of this one for the front room.


* * *

Today is a rest day. Chest and triceps feel like they want to drop off. Thank you, Dean, you bastard.

Of course, my idea of a rest day is to putter in the garden. The ground is still fairly wet, so weeding is going easily and it’s a good time to get seedlings in the ground. And fertilize. Believe me, this is resting. For me.

Yes, I am cracked out. But it makes me happy.

Oh, and I need to buy a lawn mower. Grass is actually fucking growing. And green! Thank you, El Nino!

Not So Sekrit Projekt continues to slowly perk. Today I take measurements of the Mouse. If you want to puzzle and guess, the Pinterest board for it is here: Tarot Apocalyptica The stuff that are Amazon links are things that I need, materials, etc. I’m doing it this way because if anyone wants to support by buying it for me, or has one already they don’t need, and wants to be sending it, I would be forever grateful. Call it the pre-crowdfund campaign of this insanity. Which reminds me, I need to figure out what the prop request post needs…

But in the meantime, my garden waits.


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