Aug. 6th, 2007

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Sew Up My Shroud
Originally uploaded by quennessa
Appropriate for my mood today.

Here's the wonderful [profile] op_lattethunder putting up with odd make up and direction. "Pretend to sew up this kimono!" Such a good sport.

* * *

Aside from awesome art, I am one cranky bitch this morning.

In my perusal through my usual blog reading, I ran across another writer talking about the "reality of money in publishing" and this time, it just pissed me off. Hugely.

Okay, no one is arguing that it can be shit hard to make money writing. But saying you can't make money writing "unless you write two, three or four books a year" is just plain contradictory and insulting.

Either you can't make money at writing *at all*, or you can if you work your ass off. Saying you can't make money but then throwing that caveat in there as if no one's going to notice just pisses the shit out of me.

There's nothing wrong with telling an aspiring writer that they're going to have to learn how to write fast, get multiple writing jobs and work their tail off is good advice if they want a living just writing. Telling someone there's no money in writing is a bald faced damn lie.

And this was someone I admire.

I'm sick of it. Discouraging people from following their dreams is wrong. It's sick and wrong. And it's insulting and demeaning and condescending. And it infuriates me.

You know what? Life's hard. Get a god damned helmet. But don't you DARE tell me or people who I know who feel called to do art that they should give up on their dream because there's no money in it and that they should just "do it for the love."

Fuck that shit.

I deserve to be paid and paid well for the art I make. I don't make it just for the fucking love. I make it in the expectation of selling it and watching it go to a home where it will be loved. If I just did it for the god damned love, I'd have no place to live, because my house would be full to the god damned rafters with art.

So quit the bullshit. In no other industry is someone encouraged to just be a banker or a doctor for the god damned love.

Now in all fairness, I could have misunderstood the post and the point was being made, just not in a way that I understood.

I know too many working artists who make a decent living. Many of them writers. Are they rich? No. But they live just fine.

Quit lying to the new artists. It's obscene and it's wrong. There's enough for everyone.

*hops off soap box and wishes she still smoked*


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