Dec. 19th, 2007

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San Frediano and Statue
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This is the kind of framing that would just happen. I'd come around a corner and it's like the city is just set up for awesome balanced composition. Frikkin' loved it.

The statue, which you can't see all that clearly here, is a man and a lion wrestling. In bronze. Just awesome. And of course, awesome sky to go with it all.

* * *

We are now the proud owners of a dog. It was the Mouse's Christmas Present (early), but as is the case with a bunch of hopeless animal lovers like us, Maria is now all of ours.

We've had her since Monday now and it was immediately clear that she was fairly traumatized by bad people and being a stray.

And this morning? She gave me a big wag and the first doggie smile I'd seen since we'd brought her home.

I nearly cried.

I am always amazed at how animals and people too, just bloom when you show them some basic loving kindness.

And I ever find the people who hurt this beautiful little dog and there won't be enough left for anyone to identify them...

Anyway, I've gotta motor or I'd write more. The morning routine is in process of being rewritten. Obvee, I spent a portion of it outside this morning...


Dec. 19th, 2007 10:30 am
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This just arrived in my in box and I am so damn stoked!!! This is for one of my all time favorite short stories that I've written and is actually backstory/world building for a novel that I'm co-writing with [profile] barriequark, called the.childrens.crusade. I never planned on it being for YA, but that's where it found a home. Man!!!

It's in the June issue of Kidvisions, which is online, if you go looking for it.


*does happy Writer dance*

* * *

Dear Tara, Angela, Robert, and Ron,

Thank you for contributing your talents to KidVisions in 2007. Working with dedicated authors and artists like you made my job easy.

I'm pleased to inform you that I have nominated the works listed below for the James B. Baker Award. Named for the founder of Sam's Dot Publishing, the James Award is an annual award bestowed by Sam's Dot Publishing for the best work in SDP publications. I wish you all luck as your work is considered by the panel of judges. Keep on eye on the SDP messageboard for updates!

Best wishes,

Lisa Bradley


2007 James Award Nominees from KidVisions

Fiction: Eli #7 by Angela Hunt (hee! this is me!)

Nonfiction: Dung, It's What's for Dinner by Tara Robbins

Poetry: In the Fall by Robert E. Porter

Art: Best Friends by Ron Leming



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