Dec. 8th, 2007

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First off, pictures up: http:/

Again, only a sliver, but I'm very happy with them.

I thought I was going to have a quiet evening alone last night, but the artists descended on me at the cafe. Was again held out till almost midnight, this time talking about process and light and dialogue with one's canvas and how one's life informs one's art... Oh, boring as hell probably to most people, but a gift for me. I can't remember ever having that kind of evening, not since I was in theater and we talked about the power a good show could have on a willing audience.

Storm then blew in raging hard last night. I was woken at 5 AM by banging of shutters. I was not entirely certain I was going to be able to venture out of the hotel at all. Luckily, the rain petered off around 9 AM, so I'm off to the Fortezza to look up someone's art, and then off for a tromp. I think to San Marco today. We'll see. We've seen how good my plans are. Ha!

Anyway, I've only had about five hours of sleep and I'm feeling it. Tonight is the gala dinner at the Fortezza for the artists. It starts at 9 PM. So, another late night.

This morning, I had the town to myself for the most part. There's something about the quiet and clean after a storm.

I leave for home the day after tomorrow. I am past ready to go home. The trip has been incredible and I have a ton of new ideas for studio work, but I am baked. Baked, baked, baked.

Oh, and in the absolutely magical moment: I was having lunch in San Lorenzo and fed the pigeons as I do afterwards. Except these pigeons? Sat in my lap and on my feet and ate out of my hands. People were taking pictures of me with the birds.

They didn't do it with anyone else.

It was a gift.

That's the kind of thing I'll treasure forever. That, and the sounds of the bells ringing over Florence after the rain.
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Today was a bit of a bust.

It rained on my head almost the entire time I was out walking.

Everything is very expensive and I'm at the end of my budget. For instance, couldn't afford to go into the Botanical Gardens and I really wanted to.

Did see a wonderfully gothic cathedral. Today was a feast day, so all the churches were open and doing service in Latin. Quite the thing.

But other than that?


I'm off to the gala dinner here in another half an hour or so. Frankly, I'm now officially burned out. I'm sure I'll have a blast once I get around my fellow artists. But right now, I almost would rather go back to bed.

Stick a fork in me folks. I'm seriously done.

For what it's worth though, I will look back on this as being the experience of a lifetime. Just right now, I'd like to look back on it from my front room. LOL


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