Oct. 12th, 2007

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In the Attic II
Originally uploaded by quennessa
I love that someone over at flickr commented that this looked like Art to them.

It's all art to me, but I love when it's Art to someone. Means that it's doing what I hoped for, which is touch people. (even in their naughty bits)

And she's just lovely. But you knew that already. Currently the Mad Model is in Disneyworld, having an awesome time without us.

I'm going to Florence. I've got nothing to complain about.

* * *


- Everyone, and I mean, everyone who has supported me, encouraged me, donated money, donated good thoughts, all of it, in getting me and the art to Florence. The closer it gets, the more humbled I get. None of it's possible without all of you. You all rock the Casbah.

- That I am now getting to shoot so many incredible women and they *want* to pose for me. Back in the day, only the Mad Model believed in me and the photography. To have so many gorgeous women say, I'd love to pose for you! makes my day, month, year, decade, century. It's too wonderful for words.

* * *

It's Friday and I don't know where the week went. Flew by at supersonic speeds.

Getting new quote from shippers. Had to actually weigh the boxes and then convert pounds to kilos. Man, I'm getting a crash course in metric.

Dayjob's being manageable and not miserable. Yay!

And my birthday party's tomorrow. Going to grill meat and drink as many margaritas that I want. And watch Practical Magic. Because it's my birthday and I frikken' love that film. Though my actual birthday is the 16th.

Yay! Older! Wonderful child and husband! Fabulous family!

This has been one damn good year and it's not even over yet.


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