Apr. 11th, 2007

Pixie IV

Apr. 11th, 2007 08:51 am
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Pixie IV
Originally uploaded by quennessa.
Different feel, but still wonderful.

I'm really enjoying the black and white work, which I didn't use to. Nothing like changing sensibilities...

* * *

Motoring along. Things have been busy. News has been delayed. *sigh* But motoring along anyway.

Had a good evening last night.

Yesterday was FABULOUS for writing. I wrote 3,000 words on the novel, which left me feelin like I'd run a marathon by the end of it. On a very good day, I usually only clock in 1,000. I'm not the fastest writer in the world. I don't usually do a Clive Barker's worth of writing in a day. But yesterday, Clive must have been with me! Didn't have the strong, sweet tea and cigar to get me through it, but I did have coffee. It's not quite the same though.

I think I need to take up cigar smoking and sweet tea drinking.

Though the Husband would probably hurt me if I did. LOL

The best part of yesterday was that when I finished I could really see the bones of the structure that's shaping up for this novel. Which is good, because till yesterday, I'd just been sorta stabbing at the thing.

It's still weird feeling though. This is the last book in the quadrilogy. When I'm done, I'm done.

It's a little bittersweet. Nine years is a long time to be with characters for me.

* * *

I'm at work, so no button. Please see an earlier entry for a working donate button. Please continue to spread the word! I'm slowly getting to my second goal and that will confirm that the art will go to Florence.

As for me?

Well, I'm hoping more money will show up after that and assure that I can go to.

So please, tell your friends and family! Send me and my art to Florence, Italy!


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