Feb. 7th, 2007

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Wrapped Together
Originally uploaded by quennessa.
The symmetry of this one is the most appealing part for me. I went ahead and desaturated the image because I wanted more the form, but didn't want to go to black and white. The blue of the backdrop and the plastic wrap is too neat to lose.

* * *

Yesterday was busy and long. I did not get pagecount on Lady of Tigers, but I did get many other things accomplished. So, an okay day all around.

Only downside is that I've been coming home so tired that sitting down to work on anything else is just not possible. I'm not behind on anything other than LoT, but tonight, I better get my act together.

Tomorrow, my wonderful MMom comes for a visit!!! I'll probably get some work done, but the truth is, it'll probably be all visit, all the time. Which is just fine.

Energetically things still seem very unsettled, but settling down. I'm hoping such is the case. I'm beat. At least I haven't been on the Emotional Bungee Cord of Doom this week. That's an improvement.

Hope everyone's Wednesday treats them right. I'm going to go finish my coffee and get ready for work.


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