Jun. 3rd, 2016

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Fire Priestess

And we return to the Beltane shoot. Yum.

* * *

Did 2.45 miles on the treadmill this morning and lifted weights. I’m feeling it this evening as I move around, but after my first dose of new anxiety med, I am so grateful that getting to the gym was not the usual, “Okay. Get the clothes on. Okay. Drive to the gym. Okay. Get out of the car. Okay, see, we’re here, just get on a treadmill for a little bit…” routine that is my way of talking Bad Brain into working out.

This morning? I just went and was happy to go. Wild, the contrast.

I’m still up four pounds. But. I was able to open my fitness tracker and log calories for the first time since January. Finding food today wasn’t a chore and didn’t taste like cardboard. I haven’t felt overwhelmed even once today.

Today has been the first unequivocally good day I’ve had in weeks. I could cry from both relief and gratitude.

* * *

In other news, it’s two days till the Magician closes! If you want a print, now’s your only chance! Not kidding! Check it out! Get the word out! WOO.


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