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Hunt Press Needs a New Computer!

Here we are, the final hours and we're at $927 with cash on hand, almost 62% of the way to our goal.  Right now, that means we're short $573.  Even a dollar helps.  Please keep the signal going!  I know we can do it!

And for all of you who've already supported/spread the word/sent awesome words of encouragement?


Y'all are awesome rock stars of incaculable worth.  For reals.


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Hunt Press Needs a New Computer!

7 Days and Counting!  We're at 44% with cash in hand.  Please keep the signal going!

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Hunt Press Needs a New Computer!

testing different widget

EDIT:  Holy crap, I got the widget to work!!!  It's an Easter miracle!
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Seriously. This widget. It vexes me.


We are at 38% of our goal with 21 days to go!!! *kermitflail* *confetti*

Y'all are made of awesome!

As always, I just ask that you keep spreading the word. Support has come from anywhere and everywhere and I credit that entirely to all of you.

Thank you!!!
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Yeah, the widget just hates LJ.


With cash in hand and 34 days to go we're at $277! Huzzah! *waits for the returning huzzah*

It's creeping, but I know some folks are waiting till further on to contribute, which is awesome. Even so, I would ask that if you could spread the word, it would be awesome. As I keep saying, the more folks who know what we're trying to achieve, the more likely we are to hit our goal and sky rocket off to bring you even better books.

It's never too early to let folks know what we're doing.

And remember, if you ever have a project, crowdfunded or not, let us know! We're all about keeping the signal going.

Y'all are rock stars.
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So we're actually at $132. And I still can't make the widget embed into LJ, which makes the baby Jesus cry. Trying to figure out how to reflect cash money that's been physically handed to me. Y'all are awesome. First perqs have shipped and folks should receive them shortly.

Please spread the word! A couple dollars gets us that much closer, and considering we just signed *two* more books, the need for a new beast is just growing every day. I don't know who put their foot down on the accelerator, but damn!

Oh wait. The speed freak is probably me.


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And look, an opportunity for showing off! So!


Between Heaven & Hell made it as a Featured Project on the IndieGoGo Home Page!!!


*does Happy Photographer Dance of Joy*

And now for the egoboo: I. Am. Fabulous. And so are my models.


Check it!

You may have to refresh a time or two as it cycles, but it's there!

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Yeah, I'm full of posty goodness tonight!


Please spread the word! Help me at least pay to print the series!



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