Nov. 30th, 2007

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And it's raining. Not hard. But it's raining. I have to motor over to the weather channel and see what's up, though it seems to be lightening up, even as I write this.

I woke up at 5 AM and convinced myself to stay in bed for a little longer. At 6 AM, the Mouse came in, crying. I think the sound of the rain on the house frightened her. So I've had a good snooze cuddle with my girl. I think I needed it more than her. Right now, she's still asleep in the big bed with Daddy.

Last time I did something like this was back in 1999 when I went off to Sundoor to walk fire for two weeks. It was the same time of year, first two weeks of December. Early December is a good time for me. Here I am, ready to head off to a different kind of fire. Good thing I'm a firewalker.

I already miss my family and I'm still here. Silly, but there it is. At the same time, I want to fill my suitcase like an itinerant Santa while I'm in Florence and come home with all sorts of little joys, especially for my Mouse. A tribute to the Auntie Mame, gypsy personality that I've never really had. Just ask my sister.

I won't be wearing colorful skirts and bright scarves, but for this once, I'm going to at least try and get comfortable with a gypsy side of myself. Keep your eyes peeled for her/me.

We'll be the blond in black with the matching black bags.

Update, T Minus Four Hours and Counting:

I'm off in an hour and going off line now. Will post next from the road.

Thank you. All of you. From the bottom of my heart.
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Do you want milk? Water?

Sit still! Do not bother the lady!

It was said in Spanish, but it is the same thing, no matter where you go.

I had to laugh. Clearly, Someone did not want me to feel too lonely.


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