Sep. 21st, 2007

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Out of photos. *sigh* It is sad. But the Mad Model is coming down for a visit in the near future, so more photos soon! And if I can get my schedule sorted, I'm hoping to work with another new model. So yay! Stuff to look forward to. I just have to think about what I want to do now. Props need making and so do costumes.

Oh darn. An excuse to sew.

And Backdrop Outlet keeps sending me sale flyers, damn them. Remember what I said about studio lighting being a waste of money?

It's not when it's the same price as Home Depot lights. Dude. Soft box. *drooooooooool*

But all pennies are going to Florence and dental work. So. No soft box. *whine* Oh well. If anyone wants to know what to get me for my birthday...

Also, in the meantime, I plan to start scanning and uploading much older photos from Japan and assorted other places that I've traveled. Some of the older work wasn't bad. Oh, and I think I'll start uploading the pictures that Jane's taken with her little child's digital camera. You'll love it. It's like modern art meets bad film. Oh wait. That *is* modern art.

It's definitely autumn now, as a total non-sequiter. Our house is not well-insulated. And it's at times like these you remember LA's a desert. Nice during the day. Cold at night. Temp totally crashed last night and I woke in a house too cold with a child clinging to me like a limpet. I wrapped her up in my robe with me and turned on the heater.

I love fall. I think the autumn decorations for the house are coming out of the garage tonight. Pumpkins and gourds, ho!

* * *

Print Sale! $40 for an 8x10 Print! Anything you want!

Help me defer the cost of shipping the art to Florence!

Help pay for the Mouse's dental work (and flouride bonding)!

Buy me a very stiff drink!

Go to my flickr:

Pick whatever print you've always wanted. Make sure you note the name of it and list that in your purchase memo. Or if nothing, it'll be Artist Surprise and I'll send you what I think is spiffy.

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