Sep. 12th, 2007

Stacy V

Sep. 12th, 2007 09:44 am
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Stacy V
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Today, I'm even happier with this series and my photography in general.


Because I am going to show the world (damn it) that real women are beautiful. Women with curves and softness. With strong hands and clear eyes.

And all you fuckers who called Britney fat? Fuck you. Bitch her out for the crappy dancing and singing.

But fat?

Fuck you. Yes, you.

That's what a real woman looks like.

*bounces off the soap box*

* * *

Changing subjects:

It's Rosh Hoshonna as of sundown tonight. I'm not Jewish (as all well know), but there are things about this High Holy Day that appeal to the Witch in me a great deal.

My debts aren't all paid off, but the intention is there.

I'm clean in my relationships (as far as I know). If I'm not, please let me know. Judaism believes in carrying forward no debt into the New Year, be it financial or emotional. It's not a bad idea.

And of course, the book launch is this Saturday at 6 PM. Hope you guys can roll out!

It's a busy set of days.

The rest of my thoughts are scattered.

* * *

Book Launch Party!

Saturday | September 15th | 6pm until late-ish
Book Launch Celebration
7871 Bleriot Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90045
Music from 6pm - 11pm
Fire Performers after dark

Print Sale! $40 for an 8x10 Print! Anything you want!

Help me defer the cost of shipping the art to Florence!

Help pay for the Mouse's dental work (and flouride bonding)!

Buy me a very stiff drink!

Go to my flickr:

Pick whatever print you've always wanted. Make sure you note the name of it and list that in your purchase memo. Or if nothing, it'll be Artist Surprise and I'll send you what I think is spiffy.

Lookie! Button! Make with the clicky!


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