Aug. 10th, 2007

Needle II

Aug. 10th, 2007 07:47 am
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Needle II
Originally uploaded by quennessa
And the next one in the series. Love how clear and white her eyes are against the black makeup in this one.

* * *

The Mouse got a tiny little pink camera for her birthday. She has already filled it with mostly black photos (it's digital). But she managed to take a couple of pictures of me. Mostly of me. Like the top of my head. And my elbow. And my leg. :) It's adorable.

This morning, she took pictures of her Aunt and the cat, Luna.

The image quality isn't fab. It's blurry and grainy and cheestastic.

And as soon as I figure it out, I'll post some of her photos to Flickr and here.

Cause it's the coolest thing ever.

For one, you haven't lived till you hear a three year old singing softly to her camera over and over again, "I love you! I love you!" To her camera.

And I thought I was the only one who felt that way about my camera.

Too fabulous.

* * *

I'm glad it's Friday. Still have too much to do. But it's all doable now. And that's all that matters.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


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