Feb. 5th, 2007

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No Escape II
Originally uploaded by quennessa.
This one with just the hands as the focus. I love the dynamic nature of the hands here and the amazing texture of the plastic.

I have a very visceral response to the entire series, but this one? It reminds me of how I felt once. I never want to be there ever again. The power of this photograph for me is that I'm *not* in that situation anymore.

It felt like I couldn't escape. But I did. It's a good reminder.

And it also just looks really neat.

* * *

Weekend was pretty good for a change.

Saw my boys, AllRise, at the Good Hurt in Venice on Saturday night, which turned into a comedy. This young woman, the lead singer for the previous band, threw herself at me (literally) all evening. At one point, after trying to kiss me three separate times, she bit my ear.


How come this didn't happen to me when I was single? I ask you.

I hope she got home okay and that no one took advantage of her. She was drunk/high/whatever beyond just hanging out and having a few drinks.

So that was my adventure.

The Mouse is doing much better. We had a doc visit on Friday, where a double ear infection was discovered. She's responded beautifully to antibiotics and is once more her cheerful, lovely self.

And she woke up at 6 AM with me again this morning. *sigh* But I seem to have adapted. I do yoga in the front room with her on mornings like this and finish up in my office with my morning pages and morning internet surf with coffee. She usually wanders in halfway through and climbs in my lap.

It's rather peaceful.

Everyone throw roses and bags of English tea the Divine Miss B's way. She's been processing some heavy stuff around her writing and needs encouragement.

That's about it. Off to work now.


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