Jan. 19th, 2011 10:49 am
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Have zero bandwidth for commentary today. Feel like old chewing gum stuck to freeway.
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Flickr still won't let me share images. So. Link and an attempt to embed again:

Silver Ribbon

Silver Ribbon

If you could see it, I would crow about how black & white digital processing warms the cockles of my heart, because I can tell it to pretend that Only Red matters and it will do this.  Yes.  Because it is awesome.

*hearts Photoshop*

EDIT:  Let's try this again:

Silver Ribbon

* * *

Well.  Got rock and hard place news.  Venue I wanted is telling me only time available is July 17th through August 14th.  Which would leave me only 8 days to pull the entire show together, promote it and do it.

Which also happens to be Labyrinth of Jareth and the Coilhouse Issue 5 Launch Party.

Which happens to be a good chunk of my supporters, demographic, collectors and possible collectors.

At other events.

And it's my father's birthday, dead though he may be, and a day of remembrance and import for me.

I took feedback from my peeps, and it split even, so I decided to go with No Go, and scrubbed the launch, standing down the pad.

It was not an easy decision.  A part of me is thinking that I'm utterly screwing myself over, since this is the only venue that appeared that would give me a month long exhibit.  Everything else is going to be greater cost for a single night's show.



I have to believe that something better is out there for me.  But right now, I'm pretty fucking disappointed.

So, this is where you come in!  You!  Yes!  You!  I need a venue!  Enough to hang 23 pieces of art ranging in size for 20x30 to 8x10!  For a month ideally, for a week at the outside or two weekends at the least.  If you think of *anything*, ping me at angela.n.hunt at gmail dot com.  No idea too crazy! 

Okay, that's me.
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Ta da! New stuff from the Alice Assassin shoot. Not tons, but some. These are still WIPs, but they're moving in the direction I want them to go.

* * *

Today is better. Good news presented last night. I got some things accomplished that needed doing. I even managed to squeeze in an episode of Leverage. DUDE. Competence porn. Love it so.

I got to bed on time and had a night without nightmares.

Now to just keep the trend going.
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What Paint, originally uploaded by quennessa.

And the 2 of Hearts plots some redecorating...

Shout out here for the Ant's makeup work. I adore how both S and A looked. Can't wait to get to the next shoot...

* * *

Lakers won. LA rioted. Welcome to La La Land.

I got more sewing accomplished last night and Hunt Press work done. Acquit me virtuous. I even went to bed early with my book and did not stay up late reading.

Today is also the Mouse's last day of school and the second to last day of official employment for the Husband. Once he is officially and contractually out of employment with them, well let's just say *I* didn't sign an agreement with them and I have a few things to say. But I'll wait till Sunday.

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Ace and Red Queen, originally uploaded by quennessa.

Ta da! An image from the first Alice Assassin shoot. So. Much. Fun.

Once I surface and I'm not underwater anymore (laughs hysterically), I'll move forward on the second shoot.

* * *



How it loves to manifest riptides and drag me underwater.

The Mouse has her ballet recital this weekend on Father's Day. I have five can can skirts to finish. Finishing touches to put on an eARC. Finishing touches to put on a physical ARC. Writing to do. Summer Solstice is Saturday and Father's Day is of course Sunday.

These are just the big rocks. My actual To Do list has an additional 20 items on it.

It took me nearly two hours to get home from the dayjob last night, due to Laker game and E3 insanity. It will repeat on Thursday.


I am a zombie. Send brains.


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