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So, in case you missed it, events have conspired to encourage us to move within the next 100 days, give or take. As a result, we’re doing the great sort and purge that always presages moving and I discovered…

I have made a lot of art. So. Sale Time!

Here is the link to the items on eBay that need to find homes:

I’ll make updates as new things get posted, which should be about every day as I clear out the storage unit and the garage.

In the meantime, I am indulging myself with the idea that I’ll get to pull a Willem Dafoe/Monet and get to burn some art at some point, as there is just too much of the art to move. (No. Really. Monet burned like 600 paintings that he did in his lifetime.)

Apparently I was very prolific living here.

I want to stress, I basically hoard my own art. It’s hard for me to let go of and this is a giant opportunity for you to get my work at fantastic prices, considering what it normally sells for when I actually let it out of my hot little hands.

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Nov. 16th, 2012 06:35 pm
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At the beginning of October, my dear friend, Holly, in the grips of anger and despair over the current political climate in the country was struck by a vision of something better. In chat, she told me about it, and Professional Enabler that I am, I got out my shovel and started shoving coal in it as fast as I could to help stoke the Fire.

In the space of what felt like hours, but was really days, we suddenly were talking about a communal art project, a project to reimagine a quintessentially American Goddess, and what we could do to not just reimagine Her, but reclaim Her, rebirth Her… bring Her back and in the process, bring ourselves back.

In Holly’s own words:

We used to revere the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of our country and our ideals. And before her, did you know we used to poetically refer to our nation as “Columbia?” A goddess modeled after the honorable figures of Greek and Roman democratic virtues, Columbia was the feminine incarnation of America for her first hundred years, until she fell under the shadow of the Statue of Liberty in the 20th century. …

What would happen if we re-imagined Columbia for ourselves… for America’s future? What would she look like? What would her symbols be, and how would she be embodied in our modern culture? How could she stand for us as a guide, a protectress, and a democratic ideal that we could collectively strive for?

I am possessed by the desire to sculpt a new Columbia out of the mud.[emphasis: Anji's]

To reanimate her in our time of need, beautiful, righteous, and powerful. I want to give form to this power I know we all possess, a power that represents Equality, Justice, Compassion, and UNITY.

I don’t know about you, but this set my head on FIRE.

As Witch and Priestess, to be Called to reclaim a Goddess so long abandoned, I couldn’t help but respond. I joyously pledged my support to the project and together, Holly and I will be co-curating Columbia Rising Together, (she as Creative Director and I as Producer), our vision is an Open Call for Art to eventually be exhibited in a commercial gallery, after which the exhibition will go on tour, while simultaneously living on the internet as an interactive exhibit.

Our joint vision is that this will grow into a movement. While Holly has pledged to hold and build the temple, I have pledged to stoke the Fire.

To that end, here is my own first contribution. Oh, and by the way, this is why I was asking for raptor wranglers. I really really need an eagle…

It’s an enormous project.

But I, for one, know that it can do amazing things. I hope you’ll join us.

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Moon over the waste sketch

This is a tiny (for me) 8×8 canvas that is either it’s own thing or a test for a larger piece, I haven’t decided which.

My biggest challenge with painting right now is that I am running out of places to store canvas and my family keeps refusing to let me sell some of the big ones.

I need a bigger house.

In other news, it is 20 days till Race Day. *vibrate* Yesterday was the last 18 miler. The weekly runs remain the same this week, but next Sunday is only 9 miles. I know. “Only.” But seriously, 9 miles after 18 isn’t nothing, but it’s not the same. It’s just 9 miles. 108 minutes, give or take.

And to think. Three months ago, I was wondering how the hell I was going to get my ass back up to running five miles.

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Halloween tree sketch

It is a crappy cameraphone shot, but there it is. First level sketch. Crows are next. (If I can find my damn reference sheets…)

Last night’s run was murder. I discovered the hard way that the strawberry Clif gel blocks are a migraine trigger and spent the first three miles of the 8 miler, working on not throwing up. At which point, the Imitrex finally kicked in, but yeah. I don’t recommend doing that. And noto bene: for those of you with citrus migraine triggers, avoid the strawberry Clif gel blocks. The cran-razz are safe though.

I have a bit of the migraine hangover this morning and my head still hurts a bit, but I’m managing.

And the run was all I accomplished last night. Which was plenty. This is the last high mileage weeks before the marathon. After Sunday, tapering begins.

Almost there…

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I went to work on photos last night.

Photoshop refused to load.

I had to shut down the entire computer at that point. Not the Beast’s fault. Clearly a software issue.


It was really the punctuation to a rather hard day. The cats have taken it upon themselves to leave bodily fluids of every description on every surface they can find. No one can take Lou or Speckle which breaks my fucking heart. So I’m getting them the full set and spectrum of shots and chips and letting them outside. Because keeping them indoors is destroying everything I own and making me want to cry on a weekly basis.

Yesterday was the first time ever in my life that I wished I didn’t have pets.

Oh, and my husband broke his leg and walked around on it for two weeks. Yeah. That happened.

The edit continues to be a slog.

The press continues to accrete mass.

But I haven’t painted in weeks and I haven’t looked at photos and that part of my brain wants to scream.

Send an assistant with a bottle of Patron. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

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The Sea at Night

So a few years ago, I did this little painting just as an exercise for the joy of it and set it aside.

The Mad Model found it amongst my canvases when she came down for a visit one time and immediately absconded with it. It hangs in her office. What’s funny is that I completely forgot she had it until I went up a couple of months ago. And there it was.

It’s a tiny jewel of a painting, if I say so myself. And I’m thrilled that the Mad Model owns it.

Current Paintings for Sale

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I wish I could say that I had these awesome experiences of inspiration and that’s where my art comes from. The writing. The paintings. The photos. Yeah.

That’d be nice.

Truth is, almost everything I’ve created started out small, as tiny thoughts, that then acreted ideas, that gathered people or words, until the next thing I know, I’m running away from the avalanche shouting, “Where the hell did that come from?!”

The Enchanter’s Theorem came about because I was tired of splitting my personality in two as a writer and I asked myself, “Why not write an espionage thriller with magick in it?” My paintings started because I had a dream after my father died. That one dream has spawned a whole series I’m still painting. My photos have more than once been inspired by nothing more than the Mad Model showing up, opening her suitcase and saying, “What do you think of this?” and showing me a prop. Film ideas are too often inspired by tequila.

It’s no science. There’s no trick. It’s just art. If I had to describe my process in one sentence, it would be this:

I just show up.

Because really, that’s all there is (at least for me.) You show up. You do the work. You keep an open mind and an open heart. Somewhere in the maelstrom that we call Life, you make art.

It’s pretty cool.

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Pegasus Rising

And today, one of my paintings, for a change of scenery.

It's huge too.  36inches x 48 inches.  If I'd had the space I'd have done it even bigger.  For the astronomy geeks among you, the bright white dots are the constellation Pegasus as seen from the Northern Hemisphere, as best as I could render them.

People still try to buy it from me.  I keep turning them down.  I just can't bear to part with it. 

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Pegasus Rising, originally uploaded by quennessa.

A bit of a change of pace today. One of the paintings.

Actual size is very large: 36x48. It's the exact size of canvas that will *just* fit in the back of the Mustang without worry.

It's really that blue.

It sets my heart free.

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Riders Before The Storm WIP, originally uploaded by quennessa.

And here's the progress photo on the painting, as promised. Second photo I took with the new cam. :)

Really, really happy with it, though I spotted something on the desert/beach that I need to repair and it needs two more colors to give it a bit more depth. Dry brush, here I come.

After that, it'll be light cobalt and cerulean sky horses dusted with interference pearl and gold clouds.

Can't wait.

* * *

Sucked down more Leverage last night as part of my research for my spec for the Disney Fellowship spec script I'm banging together. I think I'm getting a pretty good hold of the characters and some of the vocal/line tics. Nate has a very specific one that cracks me up every time, which I'm sure is entirely due to Tim Hutton being a god.

Also got some follow up done on some things and looked at the CCF Fellowship webpage. Tried to not get depressed and go into, they'll never give me a fellowship, I'm not trendy/whatever enough.

And today, seven years ago, not even two months after my father's death, my Aunt Jan died, leaving behind her son, daughter and husband. My thoughts dwell with them right now.

Seven years ago, it was a very bad 2003.

Miss you, Aunt Jan.

So that's today. Appropriate that the image then is from The Wasteland series.


Jan. 15th, 2010 11:55 am
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Fan, originally uploaded by quennessa.

Gotta get more uploaded this weekend. Last one of this batch.

The Mad Model has the most expressive hands.

Saturation on this when it prints is mouthwatering.

* * *

So. Much. Going. On.

Financial foo tried to crater this week and has earned me the eternal hate for banks, to go with my absolute bile for creditors who refuse to meet you half way. Not News to Debt Holders: you can't get blood from a stone, assholes.

* * *

The last chapter on Broken Rainbow is trying to kill me, but so far, I'm down, but I'm not out. I will finish this damn thing sooner than later. It's just trying to insist on later.

No metric. I have no clue. I'm not bothering to show one until I'm officially done.

* * *

I'm putting the postcards together for the exhibit. Can't print till I have details, but I'm getting the art prepped.

Kickstarter is up to whatever the widget here says it's up to. Please to spread the word and keep it going. We're at less than 45 days and counting and getting this funded will make the difference between shoestring and just hanging the art and turning the exhibit into an awesome event.

* * *

Haven't painted this week at all. That actually has bothered me. But I've gotten home every evening this week and not been as productive as I would have liked.


But tonight, we're off to see Avatar in 3D due to the good graces of dear friends and turn our brains off for a few hours.

Day 3

Jan. 3rd, 2010 05:56 pm
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Day 3, originally uploaded by quennessa.

Progress on the painting. Sky is in. Clouds and mountains may happen tonight. Maybe. It's hard to say.

The paint in the corner is the Mouse's work. I let her paint on the first layer of canvas now. I like to think of it as her blessing the work as I go forward. It'll get painted out, but it'll be there for the life of the painting. Underpainting by my baby girl.

* * *

Back to the dayjob tomorrow.

It's been a good weekend. We went to the mall today to walk around and look at the pretty things. Got lunch and let the Mouse and Bean play on the indoor play area there.

I only have one chapter left on the novel.


I don't know how I feel about that.

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Wish For Wings, originally uploaded by quennessa.

Okay, not a photo, but the painting I am the proudest of, after Pegasus Rising.

The reference for the piece is Katie West's youreallowed. You can see it here:

I bought a print in a hot second when she was selling them and was so entranced by it that I had to paint.

The painting itself is not for sale. It's too precious to me personally and means...things I'm not comfortable telling anyone. It's that important to me. This, like Pegasus Rising and before it, The Wasteland, was a turning point in my work.

That being said, I am selling prints now. Here and on my Etsy (as soon as i can beat my Etsy into submission). And these are prints that I do myself, with my tiny giclee printer. They're not numbered, but they are signed.

Wish For Wings
8 1/2 x 11 sheet size (the image is a little smaller than that)

* * *

Today, the Mouse graduated from Pre-K. She turns 5 in less than two months. I hardly know what to do with myself.

She's having a rough time of it lately. She's discovered teh Drama and discovered that the parental units do not find teh Drama amusing.

I swear, parenting is a contact sport.

* * *

Lakers Victory Parade has turned downtown into a madhouse. A glorious one, but a madhouse nonetheless.

I will be grateful when this day is done.

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I went home. I painted. I sewed.

The clouds need to go darker on the current painting, which means some rag treatment. There's a point where brushes do not do what you want them to. The rag trick is one I picked up from a fellow artist when I asked him how he got his work so damn beautiful and gothy. (stuff looked like a heavy shadowed room, beautiful)

Cotton rag. Black paint. Apply. Rub off. Ivory black acrylic if you've got it.

I love easy techniques.

And it's delightfully messy. Delightfully.

After that, I put together a pair of shorts for the Mouse out of blue cotton covered in sparkley silver and purple stars. Cause that's what she chose. Is too cute for words.

Tonight, I pick up the Mad Model.

And yes, I feel 100% better from yesterday. I have the best friends and family in the world. Being kicked towards the making and contemplating of art always fixes the bad brain. I just have to be reminded.

I wish that every day could be like last night.

Some day. I will have it be no other way.

Etsy Etsy!

Mar. 6th, 2009 07:39 pm
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Okay, I have gotten off my butt and uploaded paintings the Ye Olde Etsy.

One is one of the small, reasonable accessible pieces.

The other is not.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Yay! Paintings!


Jan. 14th, 2009 09:21 am
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Seriously falling down on the picture blogging today. Sorry, folks. Life is...interesting. And not in the Chinese curse way. I actually have hope and am remarkably cheery today, which is a huge improvement over yesterday's complete made of assness.

Rental house hunt continues. Whee.

Countrywide Offensive continues. Operation OCC is advancing, soon to be followed by Operation AG and assorted other complaints to federal agencies. Oh yes.

The only bad thing about all the living stuff going on is that my art output has dropped to a trickle. Writing especially. Though I'm thinking of taking some time this weekend to bang out an abstract and lay groundwork for the next sky horse painting. I'm just going to have to fight and figure out which of the three ideas I have wants to be a painting. They all have equal demand on my brain. And I'm also back to wanting a wall sized canvas to paint again, which always stops me because of the cost. But damn it...

I look at the huge canvas sizes and start dreaming of really really BIG brushes and really really BIG sky horses and...some day. Some day I'll cough up for a six foot by six foot canvas. Though gods know where I would work on it. I'm going to be back painting in the front room when we move. Which is actually okay. Painting is something I can do while talking to other people. It doesn't require the quiet that the writing does.

And that's enough nattering on for me.
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That's right! Next week, I'm off to Disneyland for the Mouse's second birthday ritual celebration! Yay!!! I'll probably post on Monday, but expect nothing until Friday after that. I'm off to take the Mouse to the Happiest Place on Earth.

* * *

Looks like I've got a show in October! I'll have more details as they come up. I'm rather happily stunned at the turn of events. Now I just have to find negatives of the prints I mean to show and hope that the work is disturbing enough for the curator. Drowned girls is disturbing, right? :)

* * *

The husband continues to work crazy hours. I miss him. He misses us. Being a week out from submission on the game is just brutal. This part of his work process I never enjoy and neither does he. I can't help but think there must be a better way, but this seems to be the way that these things work in the game industry.

In the meantime, I've sent more work off to the printers and I'm waiting to get a test copy of the husband's book from the other printer. I hope it went through okay.

I'm also putting the finishing touches on the final edit of Strange Weather, *finally*. Took me long enough, but the end is in sight.

Oh! And I'm almost finished on the latest painting. If all goes well, I'll have a picture up of it for Monday. I'm really pleased with it. Once it's done, I get to splash into some abstract work. Yay!
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Only a few pictures remain to be shared from the Amazing H photo shoot. And they're uploading right now, so I'll hopefully have one to share later today. In the meantime, the update continues.

Finished another painting. It's actually been finished for a while, but I thought it wasn't until this weekend when I realized looking at it that it was... well. Finished. So, it's finished. Don't know if I'm going to hang it in the house or not. It's another abstract. I've been doing the abstracts more as an exercise than as any great desire. People seem to like them and I will say that they somehow rest my brain and my eyes. I can't describe it better than that.

In the meantime, the hunt for a gallery and/or a show continues.

Photography portfolio is now complete and I have to start sending it out, which has me a bit nervous. It's been a while since I've done this. I certainly have a stronger portfolio than I once did, that's for sure.

It's funny, I didn't think that the weekend was that productive, but I realized that I also put together the final on Alice Assassin yesterday on top of all of this. Guess I did get a fair amount accomplished! Yay me!

I also once more have a working altar after months and months, well, actually two years, now that I think about it. I used to have a very low altar and with the arrival of the Mouse, I didn't really have a place that was safe. Toddlers and burning charcoal at knee level don't mix. But I finally bought a new altar that's high enough to keep out of reach of little fingers.

Another funny: I wasn't feeling that great about this weekend. It was a bit hard. But putting it all down? Man, I've got to lighten up. It was an okay weekend. I got a lot done and I have a lot to show for it. So. Yeah. Let this be a lesson to me.

It's Monday. I'm off to the day/taxi job. Hope everyone's week treats them right.


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