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So, in case you missed it, events have conspired to encourage us to move within the next 100 days, give or take. As a result, we’re doing the great sort and purge that always presages moving and I discovered…

I have made a lot of art. So. Sale Time!

Here is the link to the items on eBay that need to find homes:

I’ll make updates as new things get posted, which should be about every day as I clear out the storage unit and the garage.

In the meantime, I am indulging myself with the idea that I’ll get to pull a Willem Dafoe/Monet and get to burn some art at some point, as there is just too much of the art to move. (No. Really. Monet burned like 600 paintings that he did in his lifetime.)

Apparently I was very prolific living here.

I want to stress, I basically hoard my own art. It’s hard for me to let go of and this is a giant opportunity for you to get my work at fantastic prices, considering what it normally sells for when I actually let it out of my hot little hands.

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Deer Shaman

Well, NSFW if you’re a prude. There, I said it. But since I’ve gotten in trouble before for pix no worse than this, I have to slap the NSFW on it.

Frikken’ silly, if you ask me.

But whatever.

Ta da! Naked goddess with deer horns! I promised and here I deliver and can I just say again and for the record that the Amazing A is amazing and so good for a game of larks and not even blinking twice about the crazy ass things I ask her? I freaking love her. And the rest of these are so wonderful I can hardly choose. Really.

More and more, I love this shoot to death. Can’t wait to do the next one with the Mad Model.

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Eris & Apple

Again, I don’t think that it’s very NSFW, but what do I know?

This is from the first shoot with the Amazing A. Highly appropriate, as tomorrow, we are doing the first of the Huntress shoots, she and I.

And you can see, right away, why I fell in love with working with her. It’s not just the natural curly red hair. (Which is epic and currently in even more epic red dreads.) It was that from the first moment I turned the camera on her, like the Mad Model… We clicked.

I didn’t have to work to get her to understand where I wanted to go.

She is the perfect Eris.

One day, I will have enough work to put together a book that will be nothing but my Goddess imagery. When that day comes, this will be one of the featured images.

I should put up Eris & Cat too.

Ia ia, Eris! O Discordia!

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Again, I don’t think it’s very NSFW, but apparently some folks get weird about naked asses.



This is another from a million, million years ago, when I lived in the world’s tiniest house in San Francisco.

It was a postage stamp, but I still miss that place.

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I was missing the naked women…

This is from a million years ago. It is still one of the most sensual, erotic photos I think I’ve ever been able to capture.

Yeah. Love this one a lot.

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Age and Treachery

This is from the shoot that spawned Between Heaven & Hell, along with the Furies.

It’s basically how I feel about middle-age.

The world tries to discount you, when you’re female (cis or non), when you hit middle-age. It wants you to vanish. It wants you to shut up and go away and not bother the beautiful ones living their lives. After all, what could possibly be of value in you?

This is my answer.

Beauty is in any age. And with age comes wisdom. With age also comes the ability to be treacherous as all fuck. You do not mess with middle-aged women. We will fuck you up.

We’re not vanishing. And you can’t shut us up. The more you discount us, the more we will not be denied.

Think I’m kidding?

You might want to watch your six.

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Today’s photographic offering…

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Having cats around when you are a photographer means that you will end up taking photos of the cats, whether you planned to or not.

I actually should put up the number of times a cat has walked in to a shot and become part of a series. It’s not just this one time, and I’m actually becoming quite fond of it. No lie, but cats bring an energy and humor to the shoots that sometimes wasn’t there until a presumptuous cat walks into frame and demands to be part of the action. Models relax. Smile or grin. Or seriously give attention. And considering that the Internet is made of porn and cats, it’s rather a no brainer.

Naked woman and cat? Perfect.

This is Speckle with the divine M.

I love this shot.

* * *

In other news, aside from blogging, I have no brain for words. Script continues to go nowhere fast and I continue to let my brain regrow. I actually worked on the painting last night. First crow went down on the canvas and I’m really happy with where it is going. Though painting in frisket is going to take forever.

I continue to play with Photoshop 6 and filters.

I continue to do lots of Pranayama.

And I rest. I’m not good at it. I chafe at the necessity for it. But I’m doing it. And in between resting, I run.


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It’s funny, but this in many ways illustrates where my head and heart are right now and lately.

In between.

And yet, I took this a dog’s age ago. Funny how that works.

I started doing the final layout on The Mad Scientist’s Beautiful Daughter yesterday, and discovered, even now, even just laying out, I kept tearing up. I am proud of this book in a way that I am not about the others. Not to say that I don’t love and take pride in my work. I do. The Enchanter’s Theorem is a journey I am grateful I took. Alice Assassin made me laugh.

But this memoir and weirdly, what has become it’s companion, Running with the Moon…

My dear friend who I call my twin, Ashley, said after reading the memoir, she felt like she had had a long visit with me. And I realized that a huge weight came off me when she said it and an immense sensation of relief.

Because when I am gone, my girls will still have these books, and specifically these memoirs. And if my friend thought it was like being in the room with me and spending time with me…

Then when I am no longer here, but gone to make my own step off the Wheel, a part of me will remain. Will still be in the room with my daughters, for as long as they want or need me.

It’s an imperfect immortality. But therein may lie its perfection.

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Apr. 18th, 2012 04:35 pm
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And we return to the naked people. Or in this case, naked women.

I may possibly have stayed up too late editing photos with my copy of the Photoshop CS6 beta. Maybe. I admit nothing.

Either way, new photos will start being uploaded. This is actually from the tail end of the Alice shoot, with the incomparable M closing out the day for me.

It’s an introspective and quiet set of images. I intentionally went very dark with them, because it’s the shapes I’m interested in, more than anything. I also know that when I print them, the details will be sharper.

Computer screens just don’t do justice to photography yet…

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And then there’s this…idea. I’ve been shooting photos based on goddesses for some time now. It’s time to add to it and Artemis and Sekhmet have made it clear that it’s their turn to shine.


Without further ado, I am looking for the following props for free/cheap/loan/borrow:

Antler headdress

Faux roses, the larger, the better, color doesn’t matter

Enormous Frida Kahlo type Mexican circle skirt, painted or not

Mexican blouse to go with skirt

Wicked looking bow and arrows – (should I be concerned how easy it is for me to acquire weapons for my photo shoots…?)

Gold fabric, can be shiny, patterned, doesn’t matter

The team player length of netting

Lion mane (yes, you read that right, a lion mane)

Crook & ankh

Stage blood

Beige lace fabric

Beige tulle

I think that’s it. And as usual, don’t you wish you knew I was up to. *grin*

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Nudes by Angela N. Hunt

Naked women. Really, do I need to say more?

I do?

All rightie then.

*settles in comfortably*

I did not start out with the intent to photograph naked women. It literally just happened. The first time the Mad Model and I ever got together for a shoot, a session that *I* thought was just going to be a portrait shoot, it took a completely different turn when I turned around, camera in hand, and found that she’d taken off all her clothes and was naked in my front room.

Yeah, I stood there like a dumb ass for a full minute. Bless her heart, she did *not* laugh her ass off at me. I sat my ass down on the hearth. And I shot.

And I got my first negatives back and fell in love.

Everyone is a mystery. Everyone. Somehow, when someone is naked in front of you and you turn the camera eye on them, if they are willing? Small miracles can occur. It’s not all puerile and juvenile. It can become transcendent. Light falls on human skin in ways that it doesn’t on anything else.

When the light is right, we glow. It’s not an optical illusion. Or if it is, don’t tell me how it’s done.

I think it’s the soul.

Only when we are naked, sometimes, just sometimes, we allow ourselves to be fully revealed. It’s a gift. I don’t take it lightly.

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Between Heaven & Hell by Angela N. Hunt
Between Heaven & Hell by Angela N. Hunt

Yeah, it's that kind of day.

But these gorgeous ladies keep me going. I think I may move my copy to over my desk at home. Yes. There's an idea.

In the meantime, if you want a copy of your own, it's available over at Imagekind.


May. 23rd, 2011 10:10 am
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Knowledge Art Prints by Angela N. Hunt - Shop Canvas and Framed Wall Art Prints at

Realized today that I've done this theme a couple of times. Knowledge as Apple.

Knowledge as Book.

Makes you wonder what the myth would be like rewritten to that idea. And it definitely bears a parallel. Book as Forbidden.

And the Apple as both Knowledge and that which brings Discord.

Yeah, I could sit here and have fun with symbols all day...


Jan. 19th, 2011 10:49 am
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Have zero bandwidth for commentary today. Feel like old chewing gum stuck to freeway.
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It's not perfect, but I still love the line of this one.


In other news, this week is continuing to kick my ass. Send tequila, a butler, and an intern. STAT.


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