Nov. 5th, 2013 04:09 pm
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As I’m sure a fair number of you know, it is now National Novel Writing Month, a craziness that descends on some of us every November, and which I have been a devotee of for the past nine-ish years. NaNoWriMo taught me how to write to a damn deadline. Not finish. I knew how to do that. But to a deadline? I used to struggle.

It’s also the one time of year that I (this is just my own head) feel like I can get away with being more anti-social than normal and just bury my head in writing. I am an introvert by nature, but adore my friends, who bless them, love to see me and I, them. But this means that there are times the rest of the year where I find myself getting a wee bit brittle, because if they want to visit, I visit.

And words, suffer.

NaNoWriMo is the month where I can trick my brain and instead of feeling guilty, I can say, “I love you, I must make wordcount today.” And everyone gets it. Even my family. Because I’m not the only one out here slogging in the word mines, not that I ever am. But there’s this awesome community of us crazies, strapped to our computers, pounding out together, and we buoy each other up. The rest of the year, writing can be a very solitary career, even with all the friends I have who are authors.

It’s not for everyone.

But for me, NaNoWriMo is my writing devotional of choice.

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*gasps for air*

Son. Of. A. Bitch.

Seriously. That may have been the hardest NaNoWriMo ever for me. I clocked in early this morning with 50,166 words verified. I'm still 35K short of an actual novel, but it's a start.

Now I push the thing away for six weeks and do anything but write. The post novel ennui has landed on me like a sack of hammers, but I'm okay with that. I feel like I was in a fight, but that's appropriate, considering this is Alice we're talking about. She didn't give up her secrets easy and she won't give me the other 35K any easier, I just know it.

But if all goes well, I'm hoping to be done by next Rabbit Hole Day, at which point I will post the new version of the first chapter of the novel of Alice Assassin, which is still titled Holes.

Like I said, it's not the novel I thought I'd be writing.


I like it better than the one I thought I was going to write.

And on that note, I'm going to stare dumbly at my computer. What are all of you up to? Tomorrow, I'll post my Yule list.
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38,970 appears to be down right now and considering how many of us there are, I'm surprised it hasn't gone down more this year.

It's not the novel I thought I was going to write. And I like it better than the idea I had. It's darker and unhappier, but there are things in it that I love so hard even as it's kicking my ass, so I am content.

The next phase is to start writing the nonsense verse for the book, which is going to be a real stretch and challenge as I don't consider myself that great a poet. I write it. I like the bits I've written. I'm not accomplished the way [profile] ysabet_wordsmith is or some others I could name.

And really, how much espionage fantasy poetry have you ever read?


But there it is.

* * *

In other news, the Mouse and Bean are off to the pediatrician. The Bean for her next check up and vax shots, the Mouse for the second round of hearing tests.



Here's to hoping it's just wax buildup and not actual hearing loss in that left ear.

* * *

And in the category of things that I am thankful for:


All of you.

I made pumpkin pie and whipped cream for you. You are all amazing. Thank you for being in my virtual and not so virtual life.

*kisses you on the cheek*

You're a diamond of the first water.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Nov. 18th, 2010 01:31 pm
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That's where I'm at with Alice Assassin.

And it's basically done. No, it's missing four sub plots and I fail at description on the first pass, but as far as Draft 0s go, it's a draft.

Just missing a good 30-45,000 words.


But I'm happy with it, broken horrible thing that it is. I know where I am going now. Now I just have to go back to the beginning and lay in all the stuff that needed to be there.

As far as today goes though...


Done, done, done.

*falls down*

*iz ded*
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"He believes you, because you yanked the President of the United States of America into an alternate dimension where he had to have tea with the Mad Hatter for four hours until you were able to retrieve him."

* * *


I am having a good time.

Thank you for asking.

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A different hedge, but a developing and emerging theme in the Alice Assassin series. The plan is to stitch everyone together in to a long panorama, so you'll see all the characters in all their glory.

That's the plan.

Granted, that's assuming I don't throttle myself before then. Wordcount is not going well today, but really? It's to be expected. It's Week 2. Week 2 is always murder. So. Much gnashing of teeth and I write as well and as fast as I know how and I give up on being one of the jack rabbits who are already closing in on 20K (assholes) and deal with the fact that I write as fast as I write.

It is what it is.

And it doesn't have to be good.

It just has to be written.


Back to it.

*gnashes teeth*
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Is she not amazing? I ask you.

Love. Love, love, love.

Would have gotten more uploaded last night, but it got late and my eyes started blurring and burning.

* * *

7943 words as of this minute on Alice Assassin and I'm staying consistently on pace for NaNoWriMo this year which is a bit of a shocker. It's rolling. I'm... (gasp) having fun. I hardly know what to do with myself. There's certainly the over the top Michael Bay-esque level of violence and shooting that I was expecting, but the sub-theme that showed up with hobnail boots is making sure it doesn't stay straight fantastic action-adventure.

I am apparently incapable of writing an entirely mindless violent romp.

Mea culpa.


Have I mentioned lately how much I'm enjoying the absolute violence of this story?




So that's me. Rolling.

How's life treating all of you?



Nov. 3rd, 2010 08:34 am
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Staying on pace for NaNoWriMo so far, which has me happy.

* * *

In all other things, I am in free fall. There is so much change going on. My personal sitch is a complete 180 from where I was a year ago. I used to scoff at the people who said that when things get better, that can bring its own anxiety.

Sweet Crom and little fishes, forgive me, I take it the fuck back.

My husband made an excellent point. When you're at the bottom, you know where you stand. There's the ground. Sometimes pressed in to your face, but you know where you are. It's very definite.

But when you're in motion...

Are you on your way up? Are you on your way down? Are things going to be better or are you constantly going to be looking down and wondering when you're going to crater? You don't know where you stand anymore.

Now, here's the thing though. I get that the people who survive the motion are the ones who make their soul the ground of their being. You don't have to believe in a soul. Yourself. Whatever. Just, you have to know thyself and be fucking true to it. You don't have that?


Crater city.

* * *

Brief aside for politics: mid-term elections were just bizarre. I think the circus has only *just* come to town. I don't know whether to make popcorn or to stockpile weapons for the coming Zombie Apocalypse. I'll probably do both.

* * *

And today's favorite line from the WIP: "Then you clearly missed the casual cruelty of teenage girls."


Nov. 25th, 2009 03:07 pm
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Novel isn't, but NaNo is.


*looks around with glazed expression*

Going to finish the rest of the novel in the next couple of weeks then.

But I did it. And then some.

Can I fall down now?
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Ahead of me, the chapter that I've been dreading to write. I can't even leave you plot hints.

I don't know if I can do it.

But I have to.

The Story demands it.

Sometimes, you have to break your heart on purpose.
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Solution presents, but how to apply?

The cost so far is enumerated. And Sabine makes her mission case. Bring on the mayhem.

Only a little over 6K to go.

Holy crap.
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And to Bletchley Park we go, to view the Colossi.

Less than 10K to go.


I may hit this thing after all. Either way, my head is very full and I am looking forward and dreading the end of the trilogy.

I've come a long way with these guys.
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And start throwing rocks at them.

While setting the tree on fire.

In the rain.

Cue John Woo doves/pigeons.

It's all set up now for the finale.

* * *

Holidays begin officially next week. I am not ready. I am never ready. But that's okay. I'm feeling good today even so.

Oh, and tonight, I'm off to [profile] coppervale to give him a little giftie and to buy a book and wish him well. Hopefully I'll be able to buy him the first of the infinite number of beers that I owe him for all his help these last few years.
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And trouble halved. Our heroes injured and their hearts nearly broken. Nearly. One has to have some heart left to break at the end.

It's coming together in pieces, but then that's how it always does.

* * *

Side rant/non-sequiter, and one with no real heat: Noto bene, guys. Writing is not like giving birth.

Not ever.

Yes, I have used the metaphor of birthing books. Of books being born. Of books being brain children.

But the actual act of writing? Even when painful?

I have a clue for you. Not even remotely, even close, anything like, ever, even remotely, like giving birth. And if you're a guy, an actual male, and you refer to your writing as giving birth?

I am going to frown at you disapprovingly.

Because unless you've passed a kidney stone recently? You have no clue what giving birth is like. Seriously. No. Clue.

Writing is like writing. It is its own sacred task. It creates Worlds. It connects. It can destroy. Without it, we are not a civilization, because for me, a civilization by definition requires some form of recording. Writing.

With writing, we can start or stop wars, heal or wound hearts, begin or end lives.

Honor it for what it is. A shout into entropy. A blaze of brief light against the long night.

Like birth?

No. Hardly. It's not even remotely bloody enough. And I'll watch my metaphors from now on as well.

*hops off soap box*
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Never pleasant to have all your assumptions disproved. But necessary for growth. And good drama.

It's going. I'm hammering away and I'm on the slide to the end. End of a world. Transformations. Revelations.

But all in good fun.

The weekend was incredibly productive photography wise and writing wise. In the midst of client work, I put together two new ones of my own. I'll post this week and hopefully have more to show in the near future.

It's less than six weeks till Christmas/Yule and less than four weeks till Hannukah.

I am not fucking ready.
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It's coming together. It's rough as hell and the edit after all of this is going to be ugly as fuck, but it's coming together.

In the hands of the enemy. Facing certain death. Defiance.
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So much for hitting 20K today. Not so much.

And it's gone completely incoherent on me as I'm bouncing from scene to scene and have no idea how I'm going to sew this up.

Abductions. Sex. Oncoming destruction.

I'll figure it out.
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Oh, my gods, I am so damn tired. But so damn happy.

I'm behind on wordcount, but so what?

I'm going to shower and fall down for the evening, possibly try and lay down more wordcount.

Pray for me.


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