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Magician Waits

Magician Waits - Tarot Apocalyptica - 11-2016
This one is very similar to the portrait, but has a completely different feeling for me. Also, apparently my idea to avoid water at all costs for the Waste? Yeah, that went out the window...

I have only done the usual color correcting on this one.
That's it.

That's the shot.

It wants to be a book cover so badly.

Also, at this point, I had ditched the fucking flash. It was just pissing me off so much because I was having to make do with the on-camera pop up flash, and that fucker always blows out way too fucking hot.

Did I mention that my external flash unit failed before we started shooting? Yes. The fucker failed.

So, this is me remembering all of my long gun training and getting super steady with my breath and using my knee under my elbow as a tripod. Like you do.

I fucking love it.
* * *
Yes, there's actually more...

I had a whole new batch spawn sub thoughts about how I just don’t bounce back from things anymore. The body is just so slow to recover.
I fucking hated it. I continue to hate it, but I am coming to some kind of detente with reality. We'll see how it goes.

Then there's today. Anger is still right there under the surface. I’m having more stairway conversations.

Today, I’m going to try and draw an angel. I’m going to draw it on the tablet and see how it goes.
Spent the morning daydreaming/troubleshooting the High Priestess. Thinking about how to make the dress for Cristi without it being perfect on a dress form and that’s all fucking right. I just have to get it constructed. Dress form could be months from now if ever. It’s all good.

Though, I gotta get me the Brother sooner than later though. Being able to do embroidered keyholes for the Imperator??? EEEEEEEE. But whatever. We’ll make due.

Because I hate putting in buttonholes. They are the worst.
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Keep Her Out of Trouble

But it’s a little girl with a rock. How much luck do you think the White Rook is going to have here?

Yeah, me neither.

* * *

I have acquired an epic set of blisters on my right foot pinkie toe and may end up missing a run this week to give it time to heal a little more.

Yesterday’s fourteen-miler was an interesting one in that physically, I was pretty fine, barring the blisters. Yes, as I got to the last three miles, I was feeling *tired*. But that wasn’t what was eating me.

It was all the bullshit in my head.

It’s amazing the crap judgments we run on ourselves. Yesterday, it was all about how I wasn’t running fast enough, never mind the blisters, never mind that I ache like an old lady, it didn’t matter. Every time someone passed me, the Critic in the head would start up on how we should speed up, we were going too slow, yadda yadda yadda…


In comparison to what?

The part of me that knows better came back very quickly thankfully with, “According to whom?”

So here’s this last run’s lesson.

This isn’t a speed race. It’s an endurance race. The point is to *finish*. And this is true about so many damn things. Who the fuck cares if you get there first? Because I have news for you. Someone’s already been there first. ALWAYS. But not everyone finishes.

Slow doesn’t matter.

*DONE* matters.

And right now? As of yesterday, I ran more than half a marathon. The Critic can suck it.

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Stay with Me

The husband loves this one for the Mouse’s expression. I do too. “Make the crazy lady stop squeezing me!”

Too perfect…

* * *

The end of the current novel is being a stone bitch. I know what happens. But unpacking it into actual action is killing me. I don’t know why. I am resorting to my usual trick of going to YouTube and watching fight scenes from my favorite movies for inspiration.

There are just not enough epic sword fight scenes in movies anymore…

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Alice's Stone III

And we return you to your regular broadcast schedule…

Slowly digging through the photos. I meant to do more work last night, but my brain was so burnt after the few photos I got edited, I had to turn in. I ended up reading a book of Leonardo Da Vinci’s collected writings.

He didn’t think much of the willfully ignorant either…

* * *

Training is continuing to go well, which sustains me. So does writing. Husband is on the hustle. Still no word on other things.

We keep on keeping on.

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