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Untitled II

Screwing around with effects here.

* * *

Party was a swimming success as far as I can tell. The Mouse loved it and had a ton of fun with her friends. There was much grilling and drinks even if the weather was 102′. We stayed in the shade, unlike the younger set, with the outdoor fan and correct application of chilled beverages kept it pleasant. I also got to smoke two cigars with friends, which I haven’t done in far too long.

I had planned on taking the girls to get shoes for school, but again, I have forgotten how I do not have the resilience I once had. I just managed to make a simple dinner, and that was work for me. As a result, today is a rest day. Bless the Ant. The only reason my garden isn’t dead is she went out and got everything watered in defense against the heat.

If I had any complaint about today, it would be the fact that I’m exhausted and moving slow. My creative brain has a ton of new stuff in it from conversations had with friends yesterday and I itch to work. But. Not enough spoons.

So I’m making notes and breathing. If it’s meant to get made, it’ll be there tomorrow.

Hope your weekend was equally wonderful.

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Spiral Dance

And I do mean it this time.

This is, hands down, the best one of the series. I finally got reasonable control of the compositing and also stepped up my box of skills with applying effects to a singular layer. On top of that, if there’s one thing I can do, it’s retouch something to make it look like a light source is coming from someplace else.

* * *

Yesterday started with a zero to wide the fuck awake in twenty seconds with an issue that’s going to take days to resolve, but, BUT, it can be resolved, it’s just a time issue.


I am not impatient, why do you ask?

I also ended up walking to the CVS, which wasn’t that far away and ticked off my exercise today, my Japanese parasol over me to keep the evil day star from cooking my head. I looked very stylish if I say so myself. But it was definitely on the warm side and I really wished that not all of my shorts were in the laundry. *gasp*

Oh, and my mother (biological, the one who abused me) called and I’m seriously avoiding calling her back, because, fuck’s sake, I’ve got too much to do. But I’ll probably do it today. Get the toad swallowing out of the fucking way.

But the bright spot is that I cleaned more of my garden yesterday, I’m going to do more today, and Blue Apron sent me a packet of seeds in this past week’s box! Seeds! Yay! So Imma gonna plant ’em and put them on the window sill. Pea shoots, here we come. NOM.

* * *

As for today, I’m in the grips of the anxiety demon, though so far, it hasn’t gotten the advantage of me for the throw and the pin. I uploaded photos to Flicker this morning and the slog through the backlog continues. I’ve become far more selective of what I am choosing for series in general and what I’m not. Practice. It catches up with you.

The Bean was super mopey this morning and that didn’t help my brain either. Made pancakes in self-defense, which seemed to perk her up.

The Mouse has a birthday party to go too. I have no idea what that’s going to entail.

Oh, and I started cleaning the kitchen. No wonder I’m already tired, and amping up on the anxiety. So I will breathe, and stay centered, and stay present. Take my time. And if anyone doesn’t like it, they can suck my dick. Honey badger don’t fucking care.

And that’s it so far. Hope your Saturday is less full than mine.

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Pole Star

There’s a nipple. If you squint.

* * *

Oh my dear gods, my arms are so tired. Carving the tip down to a point on the bone wand continues and I’m sight of the finish on it. I’ve also been gardening a bit after being outside working, so the yard is slowly tidying up.

Woke up okay, but eventually had to take my Klonopin when the anxiety demon started to chew on my head.

I also realized that we haven’t gone to the beach even once this summer and that made me feel sad.

Other than that, life is good. The work continues, as Sweeny would say. We drive on.


Jul. 19th, 2016 10:25 am
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Mind is just not coming up with titles, though again, this just screams science fiction book cover.


* * *

Immediately got sucked into working this morning. A good sign, but glurg. I look up and two hours have flown by and I have had nothing but coffee.


I feel good this morning. Really good. I appear to be balanced and stable with the new med combination and I am so fucking grateful. I can think again. The panic makes it impossible to think or problem solve. This has given me my mind back. Let’s hope this sticks for a while.

* * *

Holy crap, my butt hurts. My trainer and I really kicked it. Lots of slow yin yoga today. Ow.

* * *

Showed the Mouse where the basil was in the garden, how to identify it and what its characteristics are. I am my father’s daughter. Instead of physic lectures, i give herbalism lectures. I hope I am not as repetitive though. Though who knows? It amuses me to think that in the far future, she’ll give the same lecture to some other small one and keep the knowledge going.

But now my hands smell like fresh crushed basil and it makes me so happy.

I have hard things to do today, but I don’t feel like toad swallowing first thing. So it’s Muscle Milk for me and work on the Magician and High Priestess next, which sounds absolutely lovely. It’s coming along.

* * *

And for the record, I am aware of the state of things in the world. I can’t help or avoid that. I am an analytical type by nature and subscribed to too many feeds that cover politics, intelligence, and various other hard subjects. And I know only one thing. What you focus on persists. What you *resist* persists. Not to say that there isn’t a time to fight, because fuck yeah, sometimes you have to fight. But if you, yourself, are not directly harmed?

I’m starting to think that you have a moral duty to do an act of kindness or create some beauty or make where you stand somehow better in the face of these things going on in the world right now. A freaking geas, if you will. It’s not being Pollyanna. I keep saying it.

It’s defiance.

* * *

Don’t forget that Strange Weather is free over at Amazon for the rest of the week! Whee!

* * *

T-minus 8 days and counting!

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A World Within

* * *

Today is going to be another slow paced day. I'm running some anxiety, which I'm just allowing, and the plan is to just move slow and not push. I mean to take the dog for a walk later and do my hand floreo drills after I do more sewing for the shop. I know it sounds like a lot, but understand that if I do none of what I just wrote there?

I'm going to be okay with that.

That's new.

It still feels weird, like stretching a muscle that is tight and sticky, but getting there. My therapist said, "We have a word for that. It's called growing."

So. Grounding. I can see Isis on my desk, cleaning her back, my Shaping Sound calendar on the wall, my computer, my Ulysses Swallowtail butterfly on the wall. I can hear Isis cleaning herself, the hum of my computer, a cricket in the garage, the hum of traffic on Victory. I can smell the staleness of the house (NB: open some windows tonight), the I was just outside smell of Isis' fur, the salt on my skin. I have coffee with milk to taste, water to taste.

I'm here.

Here we go.
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The whole series...

If you click on any of the images, it will take you to SmugMug where prints are available. Whee! Enjoy!

Cloud Dress

Apr. 4th, 2015 12:25 pm
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More of the simple composite work. It needs some fussy detail work done on it still, but I'm still figuring out how this works.
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This was the one where I ran out of ideas for titles, so started stealing song lyrics... and it worked. Thank you, Coldplay!

The Mad Model's comment on first seeing this one was, "That's just dirty." Which made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Yes. Yes, it is. In the best way.
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I really love how this turned out.
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Hey folks!

If you missed it yesterday, I am thrilled to announce that the campaign for A Midsummer Night’s Fevre Dream is now live!

Most of you know I have been consistently working with the same model, Heidi Kobara (better known to folks as the Mad Model), for nigh on to twenty years now. For years, I have been trying to get her to come here to Los Angeles, to attend the annual Labyrinth of Jareth masquerade and ball put on by Sypher, an event going on seventeen years here in Lotus Land.

This year, she finally said yes.

And in reward for my devotion and persistence, she is bringing with her ten additional actors and dancers. Not just for the ball.

But to make magic in my backyard.

What started as a frenzied set of texts between us, has now turned into a new photo series and an opportunity to do scenes from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with an all female cast of performers over the course of two days, while also creating costumes, props, and jewelry for each performer to wear and keep, as well as an incredible new series of art and art pieces for all of you.

That’s right. All women. All the time. Subverting Shakespeare and standing the tradition on its head, since once upon a time, only men were allowed on the stage. Considering the way things are lately, it seemed an idea that REALLY needs to be done. It’s not the first of it’s kind. All female troupes of Shakespearean actors exist right now. But I’ve not seen anything like what I have planned and I went looking.

Anyway, Heidi and I already have the players and the location for the fevre dream, and I’ve already begun work on costumes, props, and jewelry, with the help of players and supporters here in LA. All that remains is to raise money for gas and food, as my models wing their way to me from Northern California. Anything raised over that will go towards better props, better perks, and reimbursing the models for their time.

We don’t need much, but your help can make the difference between creating a small dream and creating a phantasmagoria of decadent beauty.

Check it out! And remember, even just spreading the word helps us more than we can say.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Angela & Heidi

A Midsummer Night’s Fevre Dream

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And another from the Satin series, so long ago.

This, by the way, was taken in my *first* garage studio. It was a tiny one too, just a one car garage in a condo enclave in Pacifica and VERY cold without a heater. Those of you who know where Pacifica is, will know why. For the rest of you, Pacifica is one of those coastal towns in Northern California that’s perpetually locked in by fog. It gets maybe a handful of clear days a year. The rest of the time?

Cold and foggy.

It’s not as wonderful as it sounds. After a while, it is possible to get sick of fog. And I, for one, hate being cold. Hence, why I live in Southern California now and have the opposite problem of so many sunny days that, yes, after a while, it is possible to get sick of perfect blue skies and golden sun.

I know. I’m Goldilocks.

In my dreams, the logical solution is to have two homes at minimum. One in LA, and a penthouse in SF. That’s reasonable. Right?

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Spellsinger II

Nothing I can say makes this image better.

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Spellsinger II

Nothing I can say makes this image better.

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Waiting for Heaven

Believe it or not, that is not me painting the backdrop in Photoshop. That’s really there. It’s just the post-processing that brings it out. I freaking love that backdrop and it has been with me now for over a decade and gone through more than you can imagine and been stained by more fluids including blood than you can imagine. Like all my props, it’s a total game day player. And in the right light, looks like sky.


In my garage.

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Behind the Guitar scenes

Behind the Guitar scenes II

And here’s what the studio looked like at the time I was working this past time with the Mad Model, complete with the Bean and the Mouse in residence.

This will actually be the last time that I share this sort of thing here on the blog. You’ll still see finished work, but one of the perks for my patrons over at my Patreon page is that they get to see the work first, and all of the outtakes/behind-the-scenes.

I argued with myself about it a bit, but I very much want there to be a value to that particular venue that isn’t just “get shit first”. I am, after all, the person who consistently waits for the trades on comic books. If there’s no reason to support a certain format beyond “get it first”, there’s a large contingent of folks who won’t, and I want my Patreon page to be successful and of specific value to folks. Otherwise, it’s just another version of my tip jar and that’s not been particularly useful for me. I know the tip jar works for some folks, but not so much for me. So. Specific value offered/add.

So. Last hurrah for this here on the blog. Enjoy!

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Madonna and Guitar

This may very well be, hands down, one of the more beautiful portraits I have ever taken of the Mad Model.

I can’t really say more than that about it.

* * *

In other news, if you missed it on Saturday, I now have a Patreon page! You can find it here:

Support Angela N. Hunt on Patreon

I’d post a pretty banner image, but I haven’t been able to get the damn thing to work since Saturday, so, moving on.

What is Patreon? From their FAQ: Patreon lets fans become patrons of their favorite creators. Unlike other fundraising services, which raise for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who create a stream of smaller works.

Which is me all over, especially in relation to my photography.

Does this mean that I won’t be crowdfunding anymore for specific projects? No. In fact, as you long time readers know, I’ve got A Midsummer Night’s Fevre Dream coming up, of which the first prop request has already gone live. My Patreon is for folks who want to support me and my work on a more continuing basis, versus specific projects/only having the funds/ability to support once in a while. Think of it as the subscription model versus the widget model. It’s also better suited for those who want to support me, but don’t need any more Stuff (and there’s a fair number of you in that camp.)

As Molly Crabapple says, we are the Medici now. With your help, I can get off the feast/famine cycle of creation, and dedicate myself to a more sustainable and consistent creation of beauty and magick for all of you.

So. There it is. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas or things you’d like to see over there.

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Mar. 28th, 2014 03:33 pm
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And we move forward in time to last November and the last time the Mad Model was in residence in my studio.

In a recent conversation, we both commented on just the depth of emotion that came up in this shoot. Looking at old work and new work, that’s what I see, more than anything, more than the change in both of our bodies and our aging. I see the depth of our relationship. I see how when we started, we held each other at arm’s length in some ways, even as we both pared out and down to our skins.

As the years have past, both of us have gotten more naked and in ways that are more than just the showing of skin.

I wonder how I got so lucky. The gift of a long-time collaborator is beyond measure, and not a given, and was not something I expected when the Mad Model first came to my house and took her clothes off in my front room that first time, so many years ago. I’m just grateful that even at the time, as I fell down the rabbit hole that was (and still is) my camera viewfinder, I *knew*, I felt it in my bones, that something wonderful was happening.

I still feel the hardness of the hearthstone under my ass, as I sat there taking those first photos. I still feel the uncertain support of my ladder under my body, as I took this photo, one leg wrapped around the supports. Memory is a physical sensation for me.

I am grateful. So grateful that it is so.

When that magick shows up for you, cherish it. And burnish and shine that memory. It will carry you through the hard days and the harder nights.

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