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Choices Made II, originally uploaded by quennessa.

Makes you wonder, don't it?

The Mad Model will tease me, but yes, it's her feet and the luminescing bloody footprints that do it for me here.

You can tell yourself about a hundred different stories from this one photograph.

* * *

Still riding bits of euphoric giddy to dizzy to almostdied triphammer heartbeat terror to normal, but not on the hourly cycle it was yesterday and Wednesday evening.

Minor dismay over what my research is turning up on the actual condition. There's still a ticking clock in my head, it's just not fatal. I am apparently in a race against time and loss of vision.

And yet, I can't get too worked up about it.

I don't have a brain tumor. I'm frikken' golden.

* * *

Also please continue to get the word out! Yesterday's push pushed us up some more! Only two days left. If you want to see this image in the flesh and all it's metallic glory, help!

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33% as of this posting.

I am surrounded by miracles. The last 48 hours prove that to me. This is a lightweight by comparison.

Help me get the word out!

In the meantime, I will dance for you while George Michael sings.

*shakes booty*
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This is it, folks. Ten days and counting.

First off, to all of you, yes YOU, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. This entire endeavor has been a huge learning experience and one of the better things I've attempted. Just thank you.

Second, please hammer the word out. We're in the final days. Any help, *anything*, from a dollar to just telling everyone you know about the project, is deeply appreciated.

Third, in the interest of just plain old flattery, has anyone told you how damn sexy you look today? Yes. You. *wink*

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Didn't post yesterday, did I? Aiya.

The Mustang broke down over the weekend. Clearly, dealing with it and the mechanic ate more of my time and brain than I thought. And I was pretty clear that it had jacked up my weekend pretty badly.

So, I'm getting Russian hotel spam in my comments now. What the red hell is up with that?

Anyway, car repair ate more money than I wished. I managed to not let it depress the crap out of me, mostly through the application of just keeping busy and active. Can't afford to let the Broken Brain take my time right now. Far too much to do and frankly, I just don't feel like it. Broken Brain can kiss my ass.

Final edit on Strange Weather is done done done. Done. So that makes Draft 0 of Broken Rainbow done and now this. Thank the gods for having other projects already running or the Post Novel Ennui would do what the Mustang breaking down was not able to do.

The Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter is especially generating wordcount at an outrageous rate. I've never written this fast during non-NaNoWriMo time. Using it while it lasts.

Also started my mock up for my Labyrinth of Jareth costume. I'm going for an Alexander McQueen inspired thing. Horned Death Goddess. Fun! Enjoying the hell out of it, though I'm not looking forward to the leather work. I see many broken needles in my future.

Only 12 days left on the Kickstarter.

Lots going on. No wonder I'm tired and my shoulder's hurting.

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First off:

Only 20 days left. Please retweet, repost, rewallpaper, do whatever you can, no action is too small, please get the word out and help me get the project funded.

* * *

Weekend was a bit of a wash. Lots of housekeeping, but very little forward motion in the actual creation of actual art, which makes me cranky in the extreme. I'm hoping to rectify some of that tonight. We'll see if I succeed.

* * *



I've been better. But I'm swinging and that's all that matters.
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Get the word out, if you please! Even if you've done it before, please to do it again. The project just broke $900, leaving only a little more than $4K to go. Help me kick this bad boy out of the park.

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* * *

I also have work submitted to the February Jury over at Projekt 30, specifically Lamppost Wood.

Please to make with the clickie and vote! Do please note that you have to vote for 20 works for your vote to count overall.

* * *

The Mouse's investiture into Girl Scout Daisy is tomorrow, at 6:30 PM. Wish her well. She's worked hard.

Also, as of the 23rd, she is officially selling the crack that is better known as Girl Scout cookies. You want ten boxes, yes? The thin mints. They call to you. (Okay, maybe they only call to me, but DUDE. Thin Mints!)


Jan. 15th, 2010 11:55 am
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Fan, originally uploaded by quennessa.

Gotta get more uploaded this weekend. Last one of this batch.

The Mad Model has the most expressive hands.

Saturation on this when it prints is mouthwatering.

* * *

So. Much. Going. On.

Financial foo tried to crater this week and has earned me the eternal hate for banks, to go with my absolute bile for creditors who refuse to meet you half way. Not News to Debt Holders: you can't get blood from a stone, assholes.

* * *

The last chapter on Broken Rainbow is trying to kill me, but so far, I'm down, but I'm not out. I will finish this damn thing sooner than later. It's just trying to insist on later.

No metric. I have no clue. I'm not bothering to show one until I'm officially done.

* * *

I'm putting the postcards together for the exhibit. Can't print till I have details, but I'm getting the art prepped.

Kickstarter is up to whatever the widget here says it's up to. Please to spread the word and keep it going. We're at less than 45 days and counting and getting this funded will make the difference between shoestring and just hanging the art and turning the exhibit into an awesome event.

* * *

Haven't painted this week at all. That actually has bothered me. But I've gotten home every evening this week and not been as productive as I would have liked.


But tonight, we're off to see Avatar in 3D due to the good graces of dear friends and turn our brains off for a few hours.


Jan. 11th, 2010 06:55 am
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Maenads, originally uploaded by quennessa.

This one is one of my favorites of this series right now. Just adore it.

* * *

Forgot to do one critical task yesterday, due to rushing Pumpkin to the 24 Hr. emergency vet. The Mouse came running out around 2 pm or so to tell me that he had red liquid running from his nose. I go in and poor Pumpkin's nose was just blood.

Didn't wait. Grabbed him, had the husband call his mom, shoved him in one of the crates and drove.

We think it's just a chronic sinus infection, but the frank truth is, he's too small to do a blood draw on. He only weighs 1.14 pounds, compared to his brothers who are easily three times his size. The vet confirmed that he is just a straight up failure to thrive and if he doesn't start putting on weight and very soon... Well, let's just say that the hideous conversation was started and words like congenital difficulties, FIP, FLV, among others were used.

We're dosing with antibiotics and giving him maximum caloric food and I'm not thinking about those things. I'm just NOT.

And other horrible things are running around my head too. The brutality of this economy hits me on an almost daily basis.

And in this, I got incredible news that sent me over the moon, before it got squashed by not crying in the car, driving a tiny kitten to the vet.

Prayers, wishes, donations for the expensive max cal cat food, Reiki (seriously), anything are all incredibly appreciated. Pumpkin is dear to us. I'm not giving him up without a fight. I'm NOT.

* * *

And along with the news that sent me over the moon, the project continues to go. You guys are awesome. 16%. 84% to go. *gets behind it and pushes*


Jan. 8th, 2010 09:51 am
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Eumenides, originally uploaded by quennessa.

I tell you, that gallon of stage blood was one of the best art investments I've ever made.

Love the shape. Love the color. Love working with models who get it.

Blood and ash. NOM.

* * *

Still sick. Head buzzing. Up to 15% on the Kickstarter project and making sure to get the word out. The feedback I've been getting has been amazing too. I'm also starting to put together some updates for only the backers. Little virtual support gifts for being so awesome.

* * *

Did manage to get some work done late last night and managed to update the projekt30 site (, but that was about it. Being sick is the total fail.

And I'm freaked out about finances. *shrug* Need to give it up. I'm doing all I can. Worry is wasted energy. Eventually I'll convince the body of that fact.

I also wrote my first draft 0 of my first essay for the AROHO grant. Can't win it if I don't apply. I am not letting another grant cycle pass me by. Also got the call for the CCF grant, so I'm adding that to my grant list with the Disney grant.

Speaking of Disney grant, I need to double check the deadline...

Okay, back to it.


Jan. 6th, 2010 09:40 am
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Erinyes, originally uploaded by quennessa.

Accidental shot and *perfect*.

It looks like A's head is on fire. H and M quiet spectators to her conflagration.

Love it.

[personal profile] stacymckenna, thank you again for the five pounds of fireplace ash. It really made this part of the shoot.

* * *


Need more coffee.

DUDES. Project is just humming along. *kisses the Internetz* Seriously, I could just kiss all of you!

Please to keep the energy going! Please keep pushing it out! If this keeps up, I'm hoping to expand the project to include live music and a secret goody.


* * *

Last chapter of Broken Rainbow is coming together. I appear to have gotten the wheels cleared on the stuck transitions. This morning's session wrote fast. Draft 0 done this week, come hell, high water, apocalypse, even if it kills me.

Hell if I know word count though. I'll have one for you at the end, I think. It's still going to be short, but I've got notes in all over the damn place pointing out missing scenes.

Yeah. I'm on fire. What's your point? *grin*

Okay, back on my head.

12% Already

Jan. 5th, 2010 10:46 am
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You guys are awesome. Seriously.  88% to go on the project!

The most fascinating part of this project is watching my fear spring up and die in the light of day. Part of my manifesto for this year was to promote my art a little bit every day, no matter what, along with the annual, write every day, come hell or high water.

I worry about being a pest. I think all artists do. But, if I don't speak up, if I don't talk about my art, if I'm too afraid to put my damn money where my mouth is? How the hell can I expect anyone else to do that?

It's not their art. It's not their creative act. It's mine.

I hear my friend, Kevin, the Bear Shaman, again, saying, "Every time you have kept your silence, it has been an affront to the Goddess."

It's not humility. It's not being demure. It's flat out bullshit fear. Fear of being seen. Fear of being criticized. Fear of being minimized. Fear of being marginalized. Fear of being told that I'm obscene. Fear of being told that I'm a fraud. Fear of being told that I'm not a friend to women because I like to portray them nude and powerful. Fear, fear, fear.

All fucking bullshit.

I'm not going to lose my birthday. I'm not going to be punished for speaking my truth and making my art. Not anymore, no matter what happened to me as a teenager, when yes, I was punished for speaking my truth and making my art. I may still get hurt. In fact, that's probably guaranteed.

But I'm a grown woman now.

Anyone who tries to punish me this time is not going to buy my silence, they're going to get both barrels of my full, unadulterated opinion. Anyone who tries to hurt me is going to earn themselves a full helping of the Wrath.

But fear of getting hurt or getting punished has kept the art from finding the ones who are looking for it, who may not even know they are looking for it. The way that I've found art that spoke to me and helped me and yes, saved me at times.

I let *those* people down, if I let fear silence me. If I just poke around in my little corner of the internet and hope no one sees too much of me.


I choose to live. I choose to create. I choose to live as large as I know how, no matter how far that pushes me outside of my comfort zone.

I am an artist. Hear me roar.

* * *

The Mad Model sent me the most exquisite feather, green, black and orange, tiny thing. It's like a jewel.

My heart swells to overflowing, holding it. I hold it and just think, YES.
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I’ve gone and done it. I launched my Kickstarter project. It’s here:

Please tell everyone!  And I mean everyone! 

Naked girls!  Woohoo!


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