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Two years ago, today, Ming, my little cat died.

Two years ago, today, I was in Florence, Italy, at a packed party of nothing but fellow artists, all brought to that one city to show and celebrate their art. I was the youngest person in the room. I had walked too far my first day. I was frozen by the cold, having grown to acclimated to a Southern California idea of winter. I kept having my wine glass filled by fascinating people, both literally and figuratively. I signed my first Biennale book for the hostess of the party and marvelled again at seeing my work represented that way.

Last year, was awful and wonderful. It was our last December in the old house. I was just pregnant and sick as a dog. I was still reeling from the destruction of my work life with the asshole. I'd just been scammed out of over $3000 by someone claiming that they wanted to buy two of my paintings, on top of having gone four months that year with no income.

So much has happened these last two years. The whiplash is enough to floor me.

From Florence to nearly destitute in one year. But we survived. I survived. We had help and chosen family that didn't let us fall.

Yes, Virginia, there absolutely is a Santa Claus. He lives in the hearts of everyone I know.

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There is one bit of neat news.

I've been invited to attend the 2009 Florence Biennale.

I won't be going. I'm still recovering from the 2007 one. But apparently my work made a good enough impression on the jurors that they want me back.

It's the kind of thing that makes a person feel pretty damn good.

How about that?

Italy wants me back!
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Everyone, this is Birgit.

She was one of the wonderful artists that I met in Florence. A total dear of a woman who did these amazing installations with sound and photographic skyscrapers. (you had to see 'em) She's based in Denmark.

It's a month later, I know, but I wanted to start pointing out some of the lovely artists I met and point you at their work.

I'd say more, but Birgit's work rather defies description. But I sure dug it.
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And I did it to myself.

Less than two weeks till Florence. 11 days to be exact. *vibrate*

I am a stress monkey. I have so much to do. I'll get it done somehow. And what doesn't get done, well, it won't matter, now will it?

Anyone know how cold it is in Florence in December? Or will I have to rely on the Weather Channel? Which I can. It's usually pretty on.

Need to take pictures and post later today. Much, much to do, but I already said that. See also stress monkey comment.

Weekend was pleasant. Could use more like it. Won't get 'em till next year.

Oh and to [profile] kawika, you rock the damn casbah. I LOVE my signed Mister B. Gone. Yay! More books signed by Clive! Which now brings my total to three. I have a book of his plays signed and a signed copy of Weaveworld to go with this now. The next goal is to eventually get Clive to sign my copy of The Books of Blood. Because I do so love them.

Time to drink more coffee and get some work done.

How's everyone else's week shaping up? Ready for Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for my daughter, my husband, my sister and my Margie Mom. I am gob-smacked thankful to all the people who got me to Florence. (This means you, [profile] coppervale and everyone else.)

There's more, but that's the important bits.
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Oh man.


- my iPod at work. The music helps me get through the day.

- my work altar on top of my desk. I have a tiny Green Tara and Buddha to remind me to be compassionate to myself and others.

* * *

Well, I have grappled with my shipping quote. It's painful, but I knew it would be. The insurance and duties are a huge chunk of it all. Actual schlepping isn't that egregious.

Once I get confirmation from the shippers that they've gotten my confirmation, I go to wire money to Italy again.

But once I do?

It's done.

It's the last hurdle.

All the pre-planning will be done and all I'll have to do is try not to vibrate off this plane of existence between now and November 30, when I climb on a plane for Florence, via Paris.


I think I'm going to just vibrate off this plane of existence. Excuse me, why don't you. I'll be the ball of energy vibrating at the speed of sound. Why yes, I'd love more espresso to go with my vibration.

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I just got my time off for Florence approved.

And the shippers are picking up the art at the end of next week.


It's really happening.


That is all.
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Hello, everyone!


I just got the shipping quote for shipping the art to Florence. It's, um, horrendous. Yes. Horrendous is a good word.

And something I've been struggling with privately for a couple of months in addition is thus: My Mouse needs massive amounts of dental work. Even without eating all the junk food in the world, she has cavities in most of her teeth. To the tune of $3,000 worth of dental work. Even with insurance, it won't cover the whole amount.


PRINT SALE! 8x10! Anything you want!

Help me defer the cost of shipping!

Help pay for the Mouse's dental work (and flouride bonding)!

Buy me a very stiff drink!

Go to my flickr:

Pick whatever print you've always wanted. Make sure you note the name of it and list that in your purchase memo. Or if nothing, it'll be Artist Surprise and I'll send you what I think is spiffy.

Lookie! Button! Make with the clicky!

And please tell all and sundry about the sale!

And if I haven't said it enough, you guys are the greatest. And if you are as stone broke as us, please pray, burn candles, slaughter a goat or invoke Buddha. I can use all the positive energy I can get right now.

*goes to drown worry in vodka and orange juice*


Aug. 21st, 2007 06:38 pm
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Prints arrived today.

The ones I'm going to show in Florence.


Seen all together???

I am really, really, really (and just too many adverbs of really) happy.

Wow. Wow wow wow. There's just something about these prints when they're large. If I could, I'd print them twice as large. Maybe some day. When I have an Eos and the stupid megapixels to support it.

Oh yes.

But for now?


This is going to be something.

Oh and noto bene for those of you patiently waiting for your thank you gifts. Having gotten 365 off to the printer, I can focus on shipping art out again. I hope to have everything shipped out in the next month. So watch out for the Fed Ex Man.


I go to carefully not drool on my prints.
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News. Yes, actual news.

As of today, due to the generosity and just gobsmacking amazingness of all of you, I have raised enough money to send the art to the Florence Biennale in December.

I made it. I actually made it. *We* made it.

I never would have, if not for every one of you. I've spent moments today weeping happily, because while *I* may not be going to Florence, the art, my creative children, are going to hang in the same building that houses Michaelangelo's work.


It's enough. It's more than enough. Now while I will still be posting my donate button from time to time till December, the critical part, the most important goal for me, has been reached.

And all because of all of you. There are just no words. But some acknowledgements are in order:

Vanessa Yarmechuk for being first. Thank you for being beautiful and brilliant.
Marcia Wheelon for being brave. You don't know it, but you are.
James Owen for truly being the nicest guy on the planet. Your words of encouragement have kept me going.
Russell Borogove for being who you are. If not for you, I wouldn't be the artist I am today.
Shiv for being brilliant. You still owe me a novel for the press. :)
Natara for knowing the Light. I don't know what I would do without you to talk to about this woo woo crap.
Eain Bankins for being Eain. I just love you to bits.
Jonathan Reilly for being truly the Life of Reilly. You're a hoot.
Dave for spreading the word. I love your gentle soul.
Miss Lisa Chandler for knowing what it is and saying, "Bondage!" Lady, you are the best.
James Teal for reminding me what family is, even when life is tough. I love you, bro.
Miss Jacket for help unlooked for. You rock.
My husband, Matthew, for believing. I don't know how I got so lucky.
My sister, Barrie, for never doubting. I don't know what I would do without you.
My daughter, my Mouse, for being my my sunshine. I hope to make you proud of me.

And last, but never least, Heidi Kobara: my Muse, my Queen of Love and Beauty, for the Beginning. Without you, none of this would ever have been possible. I love you more than words can ever express.

This isn't even remotely everyone. But each one of you at one time or another said or did something for me when my spirits flagged and I doubted.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Mar. 26th, 2007 06:42 am
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I meant to upload more photos yesterday.


Didn't get around to it.

However, I did get a fair amount of tax work done over the weekend and finished one of my grant applications. I'm waiting on one more item, but otherwise, I'm done. I have one other grant to work on, but it's almost complete as well.

Also fired up the BBQ for the first time this year. The wonderful <lj user = "lifeofreilly"> brought over some delicious seasoned meat from the Mexican grocer and OMG, it was amazing. One of the best BBQs ever. The bag of mesquite charcoal he brought to go with it didn't hurt either. So I had a blast, grilling. Oh, and he fixed our back gate, which just made my frikkin' week.

The weekend was not remotely long enough. I could use another three days *at least* of just staying home and relaxing like that. And catching up on tax work. I'm behind. I'm going to be crunching from now till Tax Day.

But otherwise, things are good. I'm not looking forward to going into the dayjob this morning, but hey. I've got a job. That's something. And the husband may be working stupid ass hours, but again, he's got a job. We're good. Could things be better? Yes. But we'll get there.

Right now, I'm just going to sit and not worry about stuff too much. I do too much worrying.

* * *

Send me and my art to Florence, Italy! Get art!

Donate $10, and I'll send you an 8x10 signed digital print of a naked woman.
Donate $20 and I'll send you an 11x14 signed digital print telling you that I love you.
Donate $40 and I'll send you an 16x20 print, telling everyone that you rock the Casbah.

Donate $100 and I'll send you a 16x20 photograph, matted and framed.


Mar. 7th, 2007 08:23 pm
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I've got a submission over there. Please vote for my picture!!! I really, really want to get into their mag. They're awesome.

*Edit: can't make the HTML work. Head over to JPG Magazine. It's under Beauty.

Bleah. I hate code.

* * *

Today rocked.

Met with the managing director.

She said if it were only up to her, the answer would be yes.

I have to wait another week and a half before I know if the Board agrees to be my sponsor.


In the meantime, you know the drill:

Send my art and me to Florence, Italy! Get art!

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Hey folks!

So. I got the paperwork from the Arte Studio (the organizers of the Biennale). I now have exactly 30 days from today (2 Mar 2007) to raise 960 Euros ($1264 USD) to secure my spot while I madly look for a sponsor.

I need your help. Anyone's help. Mary's, Mother of God, the Goddess', the Great Spaghetti Monster's, heck, Crom's help. If you know of anyone who can help me out, please let me know.

If I can get 100 people to donate $10, I'm covered. I can come up with the rest. Donate $10, and I'll send you an 8x10 signed digital print of a naked woman. Donate $20 and I'll send you an 11x14 signed digital print telling you that I love you. Donate $40 and I'll send you an 16x20 print, telling everyone that you rock the Casbah.

Donate $100 and I'll send you a 16x20 photograph, matted and framed.

This is my dream and a huge opportunity. Help me, Obi-LJ Kenobi, you're my only hope.


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