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It doesn't get us a house.  It doesn't fix our credit.  It doesn't do a damn thing for us personally.

But oh yes.  Yes, I will sit here and enjoy my slice of shadenfreude.


Suck it, you bastards!
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As of tomorrow, escrow closes on the old BJAM house.

We're done.


We went into escrow November 17th, 2008.  It's now May 28th, 2009, over six months later.

I'm shocked our buyer hung in there so long.



*falls over*


Mar. 17th, 2009 09:00 am
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We, my family and I, are victorious.

I have in my hot little hands an official, for real, short sale approval for the sale of the old house.

It's over. It's done. The albatross is finally off our necks and thrown over the side.

Seriously, I have to thank all of you. Everyone who followed the postings as this horrible story unfolded, everyone who offered support, encouragement and advice, all of you, all of you, all of you. It got picked up by other blogs, it got responded to by several federal and state agencies, and I am 100% certain that the only reason I have this paperwork now is because of the combined weight of this scrutiny. Too many times they responded only after one of my letters was received in combination with hitting the blogosphere.

The gods bless and keep all of you. You all helped me soldier on when more than once I just wanted to crawl under a rock and give up.

And thank you, St. Patrick, just in case.

Beer and Irish food for everyone!

Later today, I think I'll indulge in a good cry of relief.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Mar. 6th, 2009 01:37 pm
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Just got an email from the negotiator at Countrywide.

Our file is still open. The sale *isn't* denied, supposedly.


Then why did I get a damn letter stating in exact words that it was? HMM??

I managed to write a civil response in return, but dear fucking gods on pogo sticks, what the fuck is going on over there? And why did I only NOW get a response from this woman after her receiving my formal letter with the damn keys in it? It's not like I haven't tried to contact her every day for the last, oh, fourteen days, not counting weekends.

And why do I have the sneaky suspicion that the only reason our file is suddenly still "open" is because I cc'd that letter all over hell and gone, LA Times, ABC News and various agencies?

Oh yeah. It just happens to be open now.

Fab. Can we get this done with then? Hmm?

Though hell, I don't know if it isn't too late. I don't even know if the buyer's still interested.

Bloody hell.

Someone talk me down. Someone talk me down! I do not look good in orange, I do not look good in orange, I should not go to the nearest branch and burn it to the ground, idonotlookgoodinorange...

*rocks in chair*
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Didn't edit photos because unpacking china consumed my weekend, among other things. However, I feel wonderful for having that many fewer boxes in the house. Huzzah!

Housewarming this weekend. Can't wait to barbecue.

* * *

Last letter going to Countrwide this morning. I am still angry.

* * *

Morning is going along otherwise. Work is work.

I wish I were home.
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*this will be going out on Monday. I again, post for information's sake and for the belief that these things can only be stopped if we pull them into the unblinking light of day. I ask humbly that you forward and link this everywhere.

March 2, 2008

Office of the President
Attn: Lori Raya
400 Countrywide Way
MS SV-314
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Re: Angela Hunt & Matthew Hunt Loan # [redacted]

Dear Ms. Raya:

Since Countrywide has made it abundantly clear that it has no intention of dealing with us in good faith, please find enclosed the keys to our house on [redacted].

We moved out of the house at the beginning of February, certain that Countrywide would do the right thing and approve our short sale, as we had one of the few buyers for our neighborhood. Considering the rampant crime, including drug-dealing and shootings that had occurred in the recent previous years, we felt lucky to have found a buyer at all and so quickly. It seemed a blessing on top of my job loss and our financial hardship that we are still recovering from.

Imagine our shock to receive a computer generated letter, dated all of two days before our escrow was supposed to close, denying our sale for having an offer that was “too low.”

When I researched doing a Deed-in-Lieu on your company website, since that seemed our final option, I discovered that it would take an additional 90 days to get approval, if at all and would be contingent on our financial situation. A situation I have sent to your company five times now, yet at no point has ever been considered “sufficient”. Apparently, if we’re not on food stamps and near homeless, we’re not worth helping. At this point, I’m sure the property will be completely foreclosed on before this approval could be received, if we would even receive it. I realized that we have no recourse.

Countrywide has for over a year done nothing to help us. From the beginning when we tried to keep our house and your company falsely reported to the credit agencies that we were 180 days late on our mortgage, when we were only 30 days late, to now, denying a hard offer on our property that we were lucky to get at all.

I am informed by my agent and others, that suing your company would do nothing to help us, so I’m letting it go, even as I know that your company will continue to report us as late and destroy our credit till the house is officially foreclosed on and goes to auction.

I hope you are happy with the outcome. I hope you get some deep satisfaction out of destroying a family’s credit worthiness and forcing us from our home. It’s the only reason I can think of that this situation could have come to pass, other than gross malfeasance and incompetence on the part of your company. We will be doing our part to share our experience with everyone we can, from the media to blogs to all relevant regulatory agencies, both state and federal. I wish you joy of the house. Over the last year, through all of our attempts to do the honorable thing, it has brought us none.


Angela N. Hunt
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One of the letters in the mail waiting for me last night was from Countrywide.

They've denied our short sale. Say the buyer's offer is "too low."



I'm trying to not be sick.

Time to lawyer up.

At this point, as far as I'm concerned, they are deliberately forcing us into foreclosure and deliberately destroying our credit. They would rather get nothing, as far as I can tell, than something. They won't get a damn thing if they try to sell the damn house at auction.

I don't know why I bothered to do the right thing. I don't know why I bothered for the last fucking year. It's been a whole fucking year now. First with trying to keep the house and second with trying to be ethical and sell it, rather than have them foreclose.

I've filed complaints with the AG and the OCC. I've written letters (you saw one of them). Apparently for nothing.

Even if we go back on the market (because this just killed the deal with the buyer, if it's the truth), there's no guarantee we'll find another buyer. We certainly won't, asking for more money. The neighborhood doesn't support it. The comps aren't there, unless you look a mile away in the Beverlywood Association proper, where, hello, they don't have the fucking crime. More importantly, the house isn't in the Assoc... But whatever.

It doesn't really matter, does it?

The husband is for letting it go and releasing it, not considering it worth the karma to fight. We're moved and the sooner we're done with the house, the better, foreclosure or not, destroyed credit or not.

I...want vengeance and justice. I don't want to just let them destroy my credit. I want to see every branch of Countrywide burning, the ground salted so they can't come back. I want some reparation for having lost a year of my life to dealing with these people.

My husband has a point. I just don't know if I'm evolved enough on the subject to go that way. I don't think I am.

So. Lawyers now. If we don't have a leg to stand on, there it is. They'll let us know.

Anyone know anyone at the LA Times that I can talk to as well? There's no way I'm letting this vanish into the night.

So that's the update. I wish it were good news. But it's not.



UPDATE: Spoke to people and got advice/counsel. We've got nothing. No recourse. So, no lawyering up.

I'd still like to speak to the press, but I think I'm going to try and find a different channel for this energy. Something. Make some really angry art and burn it.


No Internet

Feb. 9th, 2009 09:40 am
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New house won't have internet until the 19th, so pictures are on a bit of a hiatus until then.

Move is complete. Everything's gone from the old place. I only need to go back next weekend to clean, peek in cupboards one last time and then I can shake the dust of it from my sandals, thank the elder gods and the baby jesus.

I ache. I did very little, but just the driving, standing and walking was enough to kill me.

New house is full of books, books, more books, did I mention books, all in boxes, and assorted other crap. The husband was mighty and we have a couch to sit on and a working TV. Frankly, that's about all I need right now, along with sleepable beds.

In escrow news, the bank has FINALLY sent out an appraiser as of today to get the appraisal for the short sale. Pray that it comes back as total crap. Seriously.

In the meantime, I love the new place. It's quiet. We have wonderful neighbors.

Things are looking up, bad economy and all.


Jan. 14th, 2009 09:21 am
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Seriously falling down on the picture blogging today. Sorry, folks. Life is...interesting. And not in the Chinese curse way. I actually have hope and am remarkably cheery today, which is a huge improvement over yesterday's complete made of assness.

Rental house hunt continues. Whee.

Countrywide Offensive continues. Operation OCC is advancing, soon to be followed by Operation AG and assorted other complaints to federal agencies. Oh yes.

The only bad thing about all the living stuff going on is that my art output has dropped to a trickle. Writing especially. Though I'm thinking of taking some time this weekend to bang out an abstract and lay groundwork for the next sky horse painting. I'm just going to have to fight and figure out which of the three ideas I have wants to be a painting. They all have equal demand on my brain. And I'm also back to wanting a wall sized canvas to paint again, which always stops me because of the cost. But damn it...

I look at the huge canvas sizes and start dreaming of really really BIG brushes and really really BIG sky horses and...some day. Some day I'll cough up for a six foot by six foot canvas. Though gods know where I would work on it. I'm going to be back painting in the front room when we move. Which is actually okay. Painting is something I can do while talking to other people. It doesn't require the quiet that the writing does.

And that's enough nattering on for me.
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* Here is the letter that I've sent Countrywide. I'm posting it publicly in case it can help anyone else.

January 7, 2009

Office of the President
Attn: Adrienne Ely
400 Countrywide Way
MS SV-314
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Re: Angela Hunt & Matthew Hunt Loan # [redacted]
Short Sale of [redacted] – Hardship Letter

Dear Ms. Ely:

On November 17th, 2008, we received an offer on our house at [redacted], that was for less than the total amount of our loan with Countrywide. As it was the first and only serious offer we had received after being on the market since August, 2008, we accepted it, and, as requested by your company, sent a hardship letter and all other required paperwork on December 2nd to the Short Sale Department explaining our financial situation and requesting a referral for review and approval of the Short Sale.

On Monday, January 5th, 2009, over a month later, my real estate agent informed me that Countrywide had contacted her, informing her that I had to call Countrywide’s Short Sale department and request a referral for a Short Sale. This caused me serious concern, as we have been in escrow for over a month, and my understanding was that the Short Sale review and approval process had been underway since the first week of December.

When I called Customer Service, the representative—who, incidentally, refused to give me her name—told me that not only was there no record of our request for a Short Sale in the system, but there was no record of a real estate agent having ever contacted them regarding the Short Sale of our property. Our real estate agent has detailed records of phone calls made, and documents mailed and faxed over the last six weeks which clearly refute this.

The representative said that, basically, our file had been “lost”, and we needed to begin the process all over again. She told me that a negotiator would contact me within 72 hours, which also caused me concern: over the past year, I have been promised multiple times that a negotiator would be contacting me “within 72 hours” to discuss our loan, and I have never, in any of those instances, been contacted. I informed the representative of this, and she told me that despite what I may have been told in the past, no negotiator has ever been assigned to our loan...which at least explains why no one ever contacted us.

Here, in brief, is my situation. At the beginning of 2008, I was unexpectedly unemployed for four months, which led to my husband’s and my falling behind on our loan payments. I was able to find a new job, but it pays substantially less than my previous job, which makes it impossible to pay our monthly mortgage payments and still afford even the basics for survival, like utilities, food, and health care for our four year-old daughter. We initially tried to rework our loan with the Loss Mitigation department of your company, but were offered new terms that were actually worse than the oppressive terms we were trying to renegotiate. A short time later, the national financial and mortgage crisis erupted, and it became clear that—given the new, worse terms given by the Loan Mitigation department of your company—Countrywide was forcing us to either Short Sell our home or go into foreclosure. We decided to put our house on the market, knowing that it would probably not sell for the full amount of the loan, but that if we could manage to sell it, we would at least be able to pay off a portion of the amount we owed, as opposed to a foreclosure, which results in a total loss for everyone.

For over a year now, I have been trying to deal with your Loan Mitigation, Customer Service, and Short Sale departments. Every time I have asked for their assistance to reach the best possible solution to my current situation, I have been told that there is no record of any prior communication, and that I need to resubmit extensive paperwork, and that “this time”, someone will contact me. Each time, no one has contacted me, the paperwork I sent in has been “lost”, and all records of my communication have also been “lost”. I have already gone through this process four times now with the same result each time.

Additionally, I am now five months pregnant with our second child, and dealing with the ongoing promises and failures of the departments and personnel within your company is causing me greatly increased distress and aggravation, which could potentially negatively impact my health and the health of my unborn child. The Short Sale review process is supposed to take 30 days, and it has now been 35 days, and is putting at serious risk the planned closure of escrow, and all of the arrangements that my family—not to mention the buyer’s family—have made over the last 2 months. And to add one more insult to this entire process, my real estate agent contacted your company this morning and was told that, despite what she had been told just two days prior, our file—miraculously “found”—was suddenly “under review.”

In order to assure that this review process is completed promptly, and that all files and records are not “lost” yet again, I request and require that Countrywide immediately supply me with the following:

The life of our loan history
Copy of Note
Copy of the Deed of Trust
Copy of the Title
All Assignments of the Deed of Trust
Right of Rescission
Lender Final HUD-1 from closing
Copy of Initial Loan Application and Final Lender Loan Application
All Disclosures and all Loan Documents from our file
Copy of Appraisal

I also request and require that I be given the name and direct contact information of a specific representative within the Short Sale department who can directly facilitate the review and approval of our Short Sale, as the past year’s repeated behavior of lost and missing files and records indicates to me that no one has taken any responsibility for our file in any way at this time.

I am greatly disappointed in Countrywide in general and its customer service in specific. The stress of this situation has made my pregnancy more difficult, and I fear that our buyer will walk away from the deal because of Countrywide’s poor handling of our request and our file, and that all parties—myself and my husband, the buyer and his family, and Countrywide—will be left in a far worse position due to the incompetence of the Countrywide representatives’ handling of this process.


Angela N. Hunt

cc: Raquel Robinson, Office of the President
Linda Turner, Supervisor Office of the President
Mary Archer, Legal
Daniel Whitehead, Executive Relations Coordinator
Joe Riggio, Senior Vice President
Angela De Aro, Vice President
Melissa Guerra, 1st Vice President
Patricia Mckenzie
Rina Jariwala, Vice President, Operations
David Bigelow
Angelo Mozilo
Chris Oltmann
Aura Armon-Howell
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May the gods destroy their branches and salt the Earth where they once stood, along with all branches of H&R Bloch.

They've lost our short sale paperwork.

I don't know if the poor buyer's going to be able to get the house or not. At this point, it's seriously looking like Countrywide would rather that we went into foreclosure than sold the house for some form of money. In fact, I am now convinced that they are hell bent on destroying our credit. I have no clue why they feel this way. I have no clue why Bank of America is allowing this kind of incompetence to continue, but then my opinion of BofA wasn't very high to start with.

I am...upset.

I am debating mailing them the keys right now and saying, fuck it. Apparently, trying to do the right thing and deal with them in fairness and directness is just completely wrong and I'm in Wonderland where everything is backwards, having tea with the White Queen and waiting for the Red Queen to strike off my head.

We're all mad here.

I don't know why I'm bothering anymore. My credit is trashed for the next five to seven years because of this now, all for trying to deal with them as they requested.

This is why there's a financial crisis. Because the banks don't give a shit about anything. Not their stockholders, not their loan holders, not their customers. I don't know what they care about, but my suspicion is that it amounts to nothing.

I'm filing another complaint with the California AG's office and I'm filing a complaint with both Countrywide and BofA. It won't do a damn thing, but at least I'll be on record.

So. What's good in the world, people? Someone send me pictures of kittens.


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