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Pictureless Wednesday. Need to edit more photos and hopefully that will be tonight.

Last night’s run hurt like a motherfucker. I don’t know if I didn’t stretch enough or what, but holy crunchy frog, it sucked, not that my pace showed it, so go me. Quads were killing me and the blisters on my right pinky toe continue to be painful little bitches. I did more work on my foot last night and seem to have caught the last blister (seriously, I have blisters under my blisters). Today my foot just feels raw, not “Oh hai, I am under your epidermis and here to fucking torture you!”

So. Progress.

Pro-tip for other returning or newbie runners: micropore tape is your friend. Sand off your callouses and tape your feet before you run. You will thank me.

In other news, only ten pages remain on the Broken Rainbow copyedit and hopefully that will get nailed down today, at which point I take a five minute break and start working on the edit of The Mad Scientist’s Beautiful Daughter.

Still no painting, but that’s okay. Only so many hours in the day.

I have other news that I cannot share, but think good thoughts for me and mine.

How’s your world?

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Jan. 28th, 2010 01:53 pm
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Done. Broken Rainbow is done on Draft 0.

*falls down ded*


Jan. 20th, 2010 06:46 am
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Graces, originally uploaded by quennessa.

And continuing with the Classical theme.

By the way, the more observant among you will recognize the piece of fabric. At this point, we've dragged this poor thing to the beach, through the studio, through freezing water. This piece of fabric is a team player. It always shows up ready to play and has yet to fall apart!

I don't even know what the hell it's made out of. But it's pretty darn indestructible.

* * *

Yesterday went pretty well. Pediatrician appointment for the Bean was quick and there was no waiting at the office.

As a result, I got us back before rush hour and was able to sit down to some good work. Was able to look at the last bit of edits from Ree on Strange Weather and wrote on Broken Rainbow. In BR's case, I feel like everything I'm writing is absolutely incoherent, but I've felt that way before and kept going and it's apparently made sense. I have to trust the story.

Did a bunch of other stuff and then managed to work on the painting. Which required sitting on the floor while trying to keep small hands out of acrylic glass bead medium. Bean thought that was big fun and a riot.

My girls are growing so fast. The Bean's going to be a year old in three more months. The Mouse is turning 6 this year.

Where the hell does the time go?

Moving on.

Process photos coming. I ran out of steam before hooking the cameras up.


Jan. 15th, 2010 11:55 am
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Fan, originally uploaded by quennessa.

Gotta get more uploaded this weekend. Last one of this batch.

The Mad Model has the most expressive hands.

Saturation on this when it prints is mouthwatering.

* * *

So. Much. Going. On.

Financial foo tried to crater this week and has earned me the eternal hate for banks, to go with my absolute bile for creditors who refuse to meet you half way. Not News to Debt Holders: you can't get blood from a stone, assholes.

* * *

The last chapter on Broken Rainbow is trying to kill me, but so far, I'm down, but I'm not out. I will finish this damn thing sooner than later. It's just trying to insist on later.

No metric. I have no clue. I'm not bothering to show one until I'm officially done.

* * *

I'm putting the postcards together for the exhibit. Can't print till I have details, but I'm getting the art prepped.

Kickstarter is up to whatever the widget here says it's up to. Please to spread the word and keep it going. We're at less than 45 days and counting and getting this funded will make the difference between shoestring and just hanging the art and turning the exhibit into an awesome event.

* * *

Haven't painted this week at all. That actually has bothered me. But I've gotten home every evening this week and not been as productive as I would have liked.


But tonight, we're off to see Avatar in 3D due to the good graces of dear friends and turn our brains off for a few hours.


Jan. 6th, 2010 09:40 am
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Erinyes, originally uploaded by quennessa.

Accidental shot and *perfect*.

It looks like A's head is on fire. H and M quiet spectators to her conflagration.

Love it.

[personal profile] stacymckenna, thank you again for the five pounds of fireplace ash. It really made this part of the shoot.

* * *


Need more coffee.

DUDES. Project is just humming along. *kisses the Internetz* Seriously, I could just kiss all of you!

Please to keep the energy going! Please keep pushing it out! If this keeps up, I'm hoping to expand the project to include live music and a secret goody.


* * *

Last chapter of Broken Rainbow is coming together. I appear to have gotten the wheels cleared on the stuck transitions. This morning's session wrote fast. Draft 0 done this week, come hell, high water, apocalypse, even if it kills me.

Hell if I know word count though. I'll have one for you at the end, I think. It's still going to be short, but I've got notes in all over the damn place pointing out missing scenes.

Yeah. I'm on fire. What's your point? *grin*

Okay, back on my head.

Day 3

Jan. 3rd, 2010 05:56 pm
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Day 3, originally uploaded by quennessa.

Progress on the painting. Sky is in. Clouds and mountains may happen tonight. Maybe. It's hard to say.

The paint in the corner is the Mouse's work. I let her paint on the first layer of canvas now. I like to think of it as her blessing the work as I go forward. It'll get painted out, but it'll be there for the life of the painting. Underpainting by my baby girl.

* * *

Back to the dayjob tomorrow.

It's been a good weekend. We went to the mall today to walk around and look at the pretty things. Got lunch and let the Mouse and Bean play on the indoor play area there.

I only have one chapter left on the novel.


I don't know how I feel about that.

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And Sabine gets tired of waiting.

Fuck. Could I write any fucking slower?

I hit a plot hole the size of the Enterprise and I know the answer, but the actual writing of it is like pulling hen's teeth. Want to gouge my eyes out.

And that doesn't even cover the whole problem of being this close to the end and yet feeling like I'm a million miles from it.

Just have to fucking finish.

* * *

I still feel crappy. I'm taking a long time to recover from this one, which is distressing. I'm not bouncing back like I normally do.

The Bean was up and down all night too, which is no fun. The husband did yeoman's work and handled all of it, letting me sleep, which would have been awesome if my own ill hadn't gotten me out of bed on more than one occasion.

The physicality of the body weighs on me today, but for the most part, it's in working order. Considering other's plight, I've got nothing to complain about.

I can't seem to jumpstart my brain this morning though. Someone hand over the jumper cables, a car battery and a cup of espresso. I got things to accomplish today.
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Where storms are discussed and the number of people left standing are starting to be less and less.

* * *

I go on vacation tomorrow. I will be posting, because this is just liberation from the dayjob for a few days and means opportunity to work on the things that actually matter to me. Like getting ready for Santa's visit and starting the large canvas. I'll post process photos.

I feel like I'm coming out of my fog. I think that I was on the worry hamster wheel, because I foolishly thought I was overlooking a solution. But the reality is, I'm not. The current situation just has to be endured. I just have to deal and move on. There's nothing I can change right now, except the things that I am doing. There's no magic bullet. There's no mystical ticket that will get me out of this purgatory.

What I *can* do, is make art. Paint. Write. Edit photos. Work on my manifesto for 2010. Accept that if I mean to be a successful working artist, I need to up my output significantly.

In short, I need to be doing more things that scare me.

Hell, it got me through Sundoor.

I've also reminded myself through mantra that I am enough. This flesh. These bones. This skin. This body, even with the extra weight.


Fear is just energy. I'll just use it to walk this Fire.
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And threw another log on the fire of the end, and I'm hating every word I write, but I have to finish, and I will finish, even if it kills me.

* * *

Today is made of fail.

I now officially hate banks.

I want to go home.

That's three things.

* * *

Saw my older sister for the first time in seven years on Saturday. The visit was too short and too sweet for words. I miss her horribly already. Got to get back to NC in the next year.
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The nature of early warnings are discussed. Late night tea.

It crawls, but crawling is better than nothing.

* * *

The other title of the post would have been ______ things make a post, but I don't know how many things I've got here, so fill in the blank.

11 days till Christmas. A week till Yule. I am overwhelmed.

I am working on my first Kickstarter project, the Between Heaven & Hell Exhibition. I'm looking at hopefully having this happen in March. If this gets funded (which I truly think it will), it will be a huge turning point in pretty much every way that I can think.

Did I mention that the writing is crawling right now?

Would you believe another bill arrived from the Ant's trip to the ER?

It's Monday. My brain doesn't want to work. Did I mention I'm in overwhelm?

Okay, make that five things. And now I must bounce.
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Protection charms. Ghosts and MI6.

All in a day's work.

*picks up sledgehammer*

* * *

I need to manifest $750.

* * *

I am taking commissions. If you are looking for a painting or a fine art photograph, please ping me at angela.n.hunt at My hourly rate is $150 or we can talk a flat commission fee, which is how I do the painting commisions.

I'm also taking new financial/tax clients in prep for next year's tax season. I charge $80 an hour for that service. I didn't take any new clients this past year, due to being pregnant, so if you've been looking or needing tax/bookkeeping/financial help, now's a good time to hook up with me. I have exceptional references and they are always happy to talk if you have questions about working with me. Again ping me at the gmail account if you want to talk to them.

* * *

Okay, back on my head.
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Chapter XIII done. Only three more chapters to go and a little less than 16K left to write.

I'm swinging, Pop. I'm swinging.

* * *

Things that I want for Yule:

$60,000 or the AROHO Grant or the Disney Grant.
A new computer.
A new camera.
A Christmas tree.
Gifts for my family.
Warm clothes for the girls.
A vacation to Hawaii for the whole fam, so we can see MM while she's actually there for her internship.
A studio/office space.
A new iPod, since mine is dying.
My wedding ring to fit.
To lose the 30 pounds I need to lose.
Homes for the kittens who are weaned that will be forever homes.
All the debt paid off.
The asshole to pay me what he owes.

That's my list. I have an amazon list too. But amazon doesn't have listings for a lot of this list.

So there it is.

Back on my head.
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It's crawling along, but I got another scene sewn up, so progress bar, ho!


* * *

I am very tired. Bean continues to get up multiple times in the night because of the tooth that just won't cut.

I have written for the day. I have been productive in other ways as well.

I'm also mulling what to do for a Kickstarter project, since it is such an awesomely awesome tool. Still debating. It's not like I don't have a lot of things I want to do.

So that's me. Too much chewing up my bandwidth. But it's good stuff.

Oh, and I got to put up a tiny Christmas tree today. That made me ridiculously happy.
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Have a long laundry list of things to do today and I am so tired and brain broken. It's going to be a tough haul tonight. But it has to get done.

Managed another chapter fully edited and cut down on Strange Weather. Only another 30K to cut. *wibble* But, I have managed to cut 25K so far, so I'm almost at the halfway mark. Just have to keep at it. I hope to get another chapter cut down to size tonight, if not two, but we'll see how much my broken brain can accomplish.

I also managed a plot hole fill on Broken Rainbow, as well as some transcription. I'm once more at the, must transcribe out of working journal to get current before I can progress. Too many balls in the air and too many plot points floating right now. There's also interrelationship stuff that needed sorting badly, but appears to be falling into place finally. Yay!

And that was all I managed before falling over from the eye-bleeding brain death. Not bad.

Tonight is more of the same and web page maintenance.

In other news, I stayed up too late, I'm exhausted, and I want a nap. Which I won't get. Nor will someone bring me my lunch. Drat it.


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