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This image is part of the Kinsey Institute Permanent Collection. The Kinsey would be formally and in full: The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. It is one of the things that I am the most proud of and that I cherish as one of my greater accomplishments. I can still remember vividly the day that I received the letter from the curator, asking to include it and Dark Bast to the collection.

This is an actual arrested moment. A frozen moment in time that was not planned. The Mouse would not settle. She was not interested in posing. So the Ant got in the shot. And what I ended up with was probably one of the more perfect triple aspect images ever. Maiden, Mother, Crone.

I love this image for so many reasons. Knowing that it will be in the care of a museum for as long as that museum exists… There are no words for that.

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The nature of early warnings are discussed. Late night tea.

It crawls, but crawling is better than nothing.

* * *

The other title of the post would have been ______ things make a post, but I don't know how many things I've got here, so fill in the blank.

11 days till Christmas. A week till Yule. I am overwhelmed.

I am working on my first Kickstarter project, the Between Heaven & Hell Exhibition. I'm looking at hopefully having this happen in March. If this gets funded (which I truly think it will), it will be a huge turning point in pretty much every way that I can think.

Did I mention that the writing is crawling right now?

Would you believe another bill arrived from the Ant's trip to the ER?

It's Monday. My brain doesn't want to work. Did I mention I'm in overwhelm?

Okay, make that five things. And now I must bounce.


Oct. 5th, 2009 11:15 am
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Dude, stumbled across this and am salivating. Need to knock over a bank.

The LA Opera is having their first ever costume sale this Saturday, October 10th. OMG! Want want want! Press release here:

We're talking awesomeness of total costuming awesomeness. I gotta hit someone rich with a brick and steal their AMEX.

* * *

New Fairyland chapter is up today too:

* * *

That should amuse you for a little while.

In household news, the Ant is moving *much* better. I may cry with relief. She should be up and driving this week. Yay!

I had a very fine weekend indeed, which was my first in *months*. I hardly know what to do with myself.

Prints are printing and other prep is happening for the two upcoming shows. If you missed my twitter shriek, I got into the Damned II show at the end of the month and can hardly contain myself. Between Heaven and Hell II is going to Minneapolis! Woot!

There's lots more churning through my head, but those are the highlights.

Life is looking up.

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Tonight's the night! First Fridays at Everyday Zen Relaxation Studio. Event starts at 5:30 PM and runs for some time. I'll be there as close to 5:30 pm as I can make, jetting from downtown. Pray that traffic doesn't try to eat me.

More details and directions can be found here:

I hope to see you there!

* * *

Ant Update will be probably tomorrow. Final bills arrived. OW. But we're very close to having this completely done and taken care of, which wouldn't have been possible without all of you.

I am eternally grateful. Adverb and all. You guys rock the Casbah.

* * *

Managed to work on taxes *and* Strange Weather last night. Didn't get any gallery subs done, but two out of three is total awesome and Win.

The Bean has decided that she is only happy if she can be in the Ergo and riding on my back while I cook dinner or there is much screaming and yelling. Luckily, this is no big and actually, kinda fun. She coos and plays with the straps as I cook and walk around, which makes me smile. Baby coos are instant endorphin creators. You have to be dead to not smile when you hear a happy baby.

The Mouse is getting better and better at her sote arabesques too. Come Saturday, I think Miss Laura will be pleased. I just love watching her jump around, pointing her toes.

Now, I just need to mainline a metric ton of caffeine so I can pretend to be smiling and charming tonight at the art walk.
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Barrie is off to see the orthopedist today. Now's when we pray that she did not suffer any permanent damage.

Tomorrow and Thursday are going to be a wee bit challenging. Denison without an LJ has a prior commitment, so she won't be able to hang with Barrie in the afternoon. Mornings are covered by the wonderful MiL, but there's a gap of a few hours in the afternoon. If anyone is around or can hang out with Barrie from noon till around 5 or so, please, let me know.

One the one hand, she seems to be recovering well, but her pain seems to be not abating and that concerns the hell out of me. Please keep the prayers/energy/good vibes coming. This is not looking to be an easy or quick recovery.

In the meantime, bills are still coming in/en route. Print sale and art show deals are still in full force and effect and will stay so through the end of October.

All the details are here in the previous post:

One last thing. Every day. Every single damn day. Every day, one of you, yes YOU, does something to leave me so grateful and so thankful, that I just start crying when I think about it.

You guys are made of total awesome.
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So, here's where we stand as of Friday.

Because of all of *you*, yes, you, the first few bills are covered and we were able to make an appointment for an orthopedist to see Barrie on Tuesday. While there are no breaks, the ER doc had voiced a concern about ligament damage, so we're going to make sure there isn't.

So keep the prayers coming that this is so.

That being said, all the bills are not in hand yet. More are coming. So the song remains the same and the print sale and art show deals are still in full force and effect and will stay so through the dates I stated.

All the details are here in the previous post:

What this means, at least here in the short term, is that we have room to breathe and you, yes YOU, bought us time. Literally.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I'll say it again. We have the best friends, chosen family, complete strangers in the entire wide wide World.

Thank you.

Lost Soul

Sep. 25th, 2009 11:39 am
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Lost Soul, originally uploaded by quennessa.

The Mad Model in all her mad mad glory.

So now we have the players in our Between Heaven & Hell series. Hee!

There's so much here. Tension held in and partly revealed. The half seen playing cards under the fabric at her feet. Accidental props for the win!

Wait till you see the rest...

I'm not going to be posting the entire series yet, because I'm waiting to see if the work is getting featured in a show.

* * *

Will post a separate update on the Ant. But couldn't let this go without saying...

Oh. My. Gods.


I really shouldn't be surprised. You are, all of you collectively, after all, the same people who sent me to frikken' *Italy*. You have stepped up for strangers who needed to get home and friends who needed the word to get out about their homes. You have been there over and over again, unfailingly, instantly, and with grace and humor.

Gobsmacked. Even so, I'm still just gobsmacked.

This image? I am so far from this, it's not even funny. With all of you, I never have to fear becoming a lost soul, nor anyone I care about becoming a lost soul.

And guess what?

Neither do you. Because as long as I draw breath?

I am here for you.


Thank you.

Just thank you.


Sep. 23rd, 2009 12:54 pm
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Angel, originally uploaded by quennessa.

And here she is, doing her best impersonation of a Botticelli angel, A.

Aside from the silly grin I get at the comment about send ups of 80s science fiction B movies, I adore these photos. The whole thing. The vibe has been fantastic.

The submission I've put together for the Damned show makes me very happy and comes out of this work. It's probably some of the best work I've ever done. Some of that is due to my facility with Photoshop now.

I know a lot more about digital processing than I did when I started. I'm seriously considering re-working some older pieces with what I know now. A lot of work that I couldn't work with or couldn't save, I now know how to bend to my diabolical will.

Let's hear it for improving as an artist.

Also, giclee paper came last night, so I'll be able to start pulling prints this weekend for the 10/2 show and the Book & Art Party. Yay!

* * *
In the Real World, the Ant fell while carrying the Bean, twisting her ankle badly. Bean's fine, but there was much screaming and crying, and now the Ant has two bad feet, not just one.


Mike and Deni are at the house helping out, but I could just cry.

It's been a super stressful morning.

Bean's pediatrician appointment went swimmingly though. She's in great shape. Though she is deeply suspicious of them there now, because every time she gets there, something bites her in the ass.

Gods, I could use a drink. Or three.

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Today, the Mouse went to school. She didn't get to go to her class, because they're freaks because her TB test is out of date.

But she went.

She's gone to get her stuff so she can go tomorrow, but it doesn't change the basic.

My Mouse, my darling girl, my star-dusted, solar child, is officially a Kindergartener.

Dude. How the hell do I have a Kindergartener?

I am awed and emotional. I've not gone all weepy, which is awesome. But I am very emotional. In many ways, for me, this is the official start of beginning to let her go out into the World and try her wings. Pre-school and Nursery were very insulated and protected. This is still very protected, but it's where it starts.

You should have seen her fly out of bed this morning. She was so excited.

I hope she keeps ahold of that, that desire and excitement to learn. It's my job to protect that for as long as I can, no matter what. If school doesn't do it for her, I will make it happen some other way. As Tammy rightly points out, school isn't a prison if you know your parents got your back and will pull your ass out if it's needed.

But for now, school it is. The Mouse is a social butterfly and it's an easy way to meet many different people with different backgrounds. We'd still meet them no matter what, but this is kinda right down the block. Literally.


Words. *beats them on the table* Can't make them capture it all. But right now, this moment, I put it right *here*.

Look out, World. Here comes my girl. I've no idea what she'll do or become.

How wonderful!

EDIT: Gods bless Dr. Efron's office. Got her hooked up, got her Yellow Card, and when the Ant got her to school to turn in the card, they said she could go straight to her class.

Which she did without a backward glance, just in time for going in to class after lunch.

Please give mad props to the Ant who made it all happen with no help. I couldn't go with and neither could the husband. She did it all, with babe in arms, much hysterical crying because of shots, and LAUSD bureaucracy. She's not feeling it right now, but she managed, even if she doesn't feel like she did.
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Ack. The poor Ant has broken her toe this morning and is in agony. Thankfully, the beyond awesome [personal profile] stacymckenna is on her way to help out, which is a huge relief.

I must think of something or some way to adequately say thank you.

Having friends that are supportive is a blessing beyond description and beyond price.

This on top of the fact that I jacked up my hip this week is just icing on top of the cake. I managed to get my hip working again (the healing power of yoga), but dude, it's like this week has been gunning for us. Now I'm worried about the husband.

Stupid dance show was on last night with their fifteen top dances from the last five seasons, so I did not get photo editing done. Sue me. It is my weakness. I did get some transcription/cutting done on the novel. Another 1K went down. Only 21K to go.

And now back to it.

*looks around warily for murderous butcher block cutting boards*
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Yay!  I'm up for another show at Projekt 30!  Please go and vote!

Have a link!

I really needed this.  It cheered me up immeasurably.

From Projekt 30:

We invite you to help jury Projekt30's exhibition: "Sanguine: The Temperament of Blood".

Just look at the art submitted for consideration and pick the ones you think should be included in the final exhibition! Try it out, its fun and there are no costs involved.

Go to to participate.

For your ratings to be counted you must submit ratings for at least 20 artists. Beyond that you may submit ratings for as many or as few artists as you would like, you don't have to rate every artist in the show.  If you have any questions regarding the jurying process please see the jurying faq located at

Thank you in advance for your time! It is only through the efforts of our public jurors that Projekt30 is able to produce its diverse, high-quality exhibitions. Remember, if you are interested in any of the featured artists for any reason, feel free to use the "contact this artist" link below their work.

Enjoy the show!

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Today was one of those perfect days that you hear the cliche about. Y'know the one. The one where they tell you that you'll treasure the moment forever as a parent.

Yeah, well, the cliche has some validity.

Today, the Mouse and I went to go and buy birthday giftage for the Ant.

The Mouse was better than gold. We held hands. She was polite to clerks and other shoppers. We conferred over gifts, she picked out the gift paper and at the end? Yeah, okay, we went to McDonald's. And I bought her a Happy Meal.

And at one point, she leaned her whole body into mine, chewing on a fry, and let out the most contented sigh I have ever heard another human being make in their life.

Looking around, I saw we were the only ones. Other parents and other children were there, but they all seemed either tired or in a hurry and harried.

Yet here we were.

And in that moment, it was perfect. My little girl leaning into me. Silly bad food. And that sigh. We'd found wonderful presents that weren't expensive but would have meaning for the Ant (or so I hope). We hadn't spent a lot of money. Mostly we had spent time with each other. We'd oohed and aahed over pretty things in the windows with no need or desire to buy, walking hand in hand.

But in the end, it was that moment, sitting with our fries and our sodas that I'm going to treasure.

Because it wasn't the stuff that was really important. It was the time that just the two of us had shared together. And yes, in that moment, I absolutely loved my life.

Chalk one up for the McD ad folks.


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