May. 11th, 2016

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Mirror Mirror

Actually, a glass of wine would be lovely right now. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?

* * *

I’m doing better today. Yesterday was spent in the hole for most of it, though I managed to pull myself out by the evening. Art and tequila will do that for you if you let them.

C sent me an absolutely hysterical photo this morning of himself in his utilikilt with a lace petticoat. Trust me, it’s funny as shit, because of a thing he said to me last week and helped me start the day off with a giggle and a gigantic smile on my face. I am really blessed in my friends and chosen family.

Props continue. I’m stalled on the Fool’s staff until I can get my ass to Home Depot for eye hooks to screw in to hang bits off the staff. Trust me, it makes sense in my head. Man, I’m asking you to trust me a lot today. I will do my best to be worthy of it.

The Fool’s bag though continues. Most of the trad embroidery is done (I realized I want to satin stitch the nose and need to go back and do that), and I’ve gotten all the leaves on and one of the vines. Then it will be all the ribbon roses, montees, and rhinestones I can eat to stick on it. Honestly, construction will probably take the least amount of time for any of these pieces. It’s taking the time to do the embellishment that’s really taking these props from meat to holy crap. I’m very happy.

In the meantime, we hold steady. It’s Wednesday. We’ve got a month to go.


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