May. 9th, 2016

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Originally published at Curse & Quanta. Please leave any comments there.

I realized that I’ve not been blogging over here, my head has been buried so deep in art. Which is great! But is bad that I am not sharing with y’all! So! Have some stuff!

Sepulveda Dam Location 1 - 1080
Sepulveda Dam I

This is looking down the spine of the Sepulveda Dam and where I intend (hope!) to perch the Mouse as the Fool. I didn’t hike all the way down to the location because at the time, I was without sunscreen and could tell my exposure was nearing too much.

Sepulveda Dam Location 2 -1080
Sepulveda Dam II

If I can’t find a war rig or other suitable vehicle for the Magician, this will probably end up being the backdrop for the Magician. Basically, this is Plan…D? I think? I have multiple plans in mind. Perfect world, I will find the perfect vehicle at the Wasteland Weekend Car Show and people happy to play with me.

Fool Challenge Coin
Fool Challenge Coin

This is the prelim mock up of my art for the challenge coin that Coins For Anything are doing. I am deliriously in love with them. The dark gray will be raised and shiny silver, the recesses will be sandblasted dull. IT IS PERFECT. I can’t wait till I hold one.

Mouse & Feathers
Hair Test for Fool

This is the finished hair and feather and bell extension tested on the Mouse’s head. Her reaction? “Can I have these for real and permanent?”

I said for the summer. The school already looks at me weird for helping her shave her head. What’s the big deal? It’s her head! Your either believe in bodily autonomy or you don’t!

And there’s a ton more, but I figured I’d keep the fire hose to a moderate attack for this time around.

In the meantime, the campaign for the Magician holds steady at 21%. I would really really like to hit 30% by Wednesday, so that’s what I’m pushing for. If you can contribute, please do. Remember, this is the only way to get a print of these images, once the campaign closes, that’s it. And if you can’t or don’t want said goodies, spreading the word helps more than I can say.

And now I go back to embroidering till my fingers fall off. Whee!


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