Apr. 1st, 2016

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Originally published at Curse & Quanta. Please leave any comments there.

Long time readers know I’ve been asked more than once about doing a tarot deck of my own. Starting today, I’m beginning to shoot the Major Arcana of that self-same deck, card by card over the next however many years it takes, starting with the lowest and highest trump in any tarot deck — The Fool.

Along the way, people like you have helped me since the first day I set out on this fury road. Sent me to Europe and Japan. Sent my work and my physical self to Italy. Sent me to a white horse herd in the Tucson desert.

I already have locations lined up all over California with the help of a small army of war girls and war boys. The eventual green place goal of all of this is two exhibitions, the first at the completion of the Major Arcana, and the second at the completion of the Minor, where the entire deck will be displayed. . On top of that, the completed images will become a working tarot deck and an art book. It will be massive. Seventy-eight 20×30 giant images, with at least one additional wild card, along with props and costumes that I will be creating for the shoots

At a minimum, I’m looking at seventy-nine possible months of work. Call it six years. But for now, I’m staying small. One card. Appropriate that it should be the Fool.

I’m hoping you’ll climb on board this war rig with me. What that means exactly? Support directly by pledging to the campaign or spread the word. Just the last bit alone is a huge thing, as getting heard is sometimes the hardest part of these things.
I am really looking forward to riding with you on this one.

Witness me!


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