Mar. 14th, 2016

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A 2015

This is the amazing thing about working with the same models over the span of years.

You get to not just build a rapport and relationship that deepens as the years pass, but as a photographer, I get to document, well, it sounds cheesy, but here it is. Soul development. It’s not aging. It’s more than that. As the years pass, I’ve seen uncertainties fade away in my camera lens. Others sometimes replace them, but never for long.

It’s capturing time in a silver gelatin plate and pixels and ones and zeroes. Magick, by any other name.

* * *

Pi Day. I made a small peach cobbler.

I’m taking a rest day. Went trail running/moseying with the above featured Redhead yesterday and it took more out of me than I was expecting. And of course, I’m immediately feeling guilty for wanting to take a rest day when I made a point of saying I was upping my activity to five days this week.

Nope. As the Amazing A said, No hurting ourselves.

So I had a really good day yesterday and re-discovered how much I love being outside. How the fuck did I forget that? How the fuck did I forget that I love to climb all the things and look at the world?

It’s really quite distressing.


Here I am.

I want to order sushi to be delivered, a masseuse to come to the house for me, and a housekeeper for everything else. Things to work towards.


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